Can Accent Furniture Match Sofa Tables For Living Room

Accent Furniture Match Sofa Tables

Does your living room seem messed up or a bit old-fashioned after placing all the furniture?  Well,  living rooms look dull and flat if they lack creative touches and accent furniture. So, you may think about how I can match accent furniture with living room sofa tables. And bring a more aesthetic vibe inside? Want to know how to do it, here is the kicker for you.

I have been in the furniture and decoration business for a long time. From experience, I am going to share some interesting facts about accent furniture. Following are 5 tips that can help you to place accent furniture in harmony with the sofa table. Also, bring an elegant look to your living room.

Matching accent furniture with a sofa table depends on many factors. These are size, color, material, shape, creatives, etc. Accent tables, chairs, hall tables, console tables are placed alongside sofa tables. Or placed with different creative ideas.

Now that you know about the factors, I will talk about accent furniture. And how to place them with other furniture of your living room in the later parts. I will also point out important facts that you should keep in mind about accent furniture.  So, stay tuned.

5 Things to Know While Matching Accent Furniture : 

It is not necessary that accent furniture has to match the same color, size, or shape. Or as your living room sofa, seats, or tables. Mixing different types of accent chairs, tables can bring a new dimension of style to the living room. Also can add contrast and color blending in the symmetrical space. Let’s talk about 5 facts now that you should keep in mind while placing accent furniture in the living room :

1. Blend Shape of Accent Furniture :

Accent tables or stumps come in different shapes like oval, rectangular, square. Different shaped furniture can bring a mesmerizing look if paired together. You can follow these ideas to place accent tables :

  • Keep accent tables in pairs or adjust them in different places.
  • Try blending various shapes. For example, an oval accent table with a square sofa table. Or a round coffee table with square accent tables.
  • Place lightweight accent tables in the center of the living room, on both sides of the sofa table. Those which are chunky can stay in corners and doorsteps. This will fill the voids of the living room.

2. Add Different Color Shades:

Color sets the mood of a living room. So choosing an accurate color tone can lift the thoughts of your mind in reality. But that does not mean accent furniture has to match the room wall or other furniture colors exactly. It’s about placing different color tones together. Keep this thing in mind :

  • Mix colors in a way that represents what theme you are trying to create inside the living room.  It can be subtle blue, can be green, and can be wooden, darker, and earthy. Accent Furniture can be of different colors but you should place it in a way so that they make up the desired theme.
  • Pay attention to the vibrance and contrast. What it means is that a darker tone has a  lighter tone for a complement. That is when colors will pop up in your eyes. The combination of warm and cool tones will give the living room a charming look. For example, place a dark-color accent table alongside a light-colored sofa table.

3. Combine Different Accent Furniture:

There is no rule that you have to choose all wood or all metal accent furniture.  Place both of them alongside the sofa table to add different dimensions of style in the living room. Here is what you can do with accent tables made of different materials :

  • Choose two different accent tables that stay at the same height. Place one on the left side of the sofa, another on the right. By doing that you are adding two different style profiles on a single floor. For example, if one side has a wooden table, it brings a more natural style. If the other side has a metal table it’s going to bring an elegant modern artistic profile.
  • If you want a single tone such as all wood, try mixing accent furniture that comes from different woods. Different textures, colors of wood will add a beautiful subtle tone. If you choose all-metal, blend different metal varieties.

4. Keep An Eye on Accent Furniture Size : 

Size also plays a crucial role in the placement of accent furniture. If you have a big room then the furniture has to be big. If you keep big furniture in a small room, the area will look stuffed.

Some of the things you can follow about the size of accent furniture are :

  • If you place accent tables around, make sure they are of the same height and size.
  • Place accent tables around 1-2 inches below your main sofa upholstery.  For chairs, they can stay at the same height as the sofa setup.

5. Place Accent Furniture According to Function : 

Before you bring accent tables, have a clear idea of which purpose it is going to serve. That would make your placement easier. And you won’t have to swap furniture on different occasions. Here is what you should keep in mind :

  • Place the accent table according to the living room focus. Your living room focus can be meeting and socialization. If that, place side tables behind sofa sets. You can keep important things on the table and won’t have to move from here to there.
  • If the living room has short spaces, use tables and furniture that serves dual purposes.  and have storage facilities.

Related Questions : 

What Are  The Differences Between Console, Sofa, And End Accent Tables?

Console tables are a bit larger in height. So place it alongside a wall to keep things. Sofa tables are either placed on the back of the sofa or front.  Keep entry tables on the entrance paths.

How Should I Coordinate Accent Furniture Inside The Living Room?

Coordinated accent Furniture and placed it in a way so that they leave enough space to move around. And they don’t block the entrance of traffic. Also, should be placed in proper spaces otherwise they may go unnoticed.

Should Accent Chairs Match The Living Room Sofa?

One of the important factors while placing an accent chair with a sofa is the scale ratio. Imagine pairing up a small-sized sofa set with a large height of accent chairs, which looks odd. Either the chair has to be the same size as the sofa or 1″ or 2″ less than the sofa set.

How Do I Choose Accent Furniture for A Living Room?

First, you have to decide what is the main focus of your living room. Choose accent furniture according to that focus. It can be a fireplace,  tv, sofa, or the color of the whole room. Whatever the focus is, combine accent furniture according to that.

Final Words :

Accent furniture adds a true layer of beauty and enhances the outlook of your living room. While matching up accent furniture with sofa or table, keep an eye on the size, color, shape of furniture. Don’t be afraid to blend different colors, shapes, or materials. Brings a unique interior outlook and creates marvelous beauty inside the living room.

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