Accent Furniture Cabinet: All You Need To Know

Accent Furniture Cabinet

Storing items often becomes a huge problem when you realize the scarcity of storage furniture at home. Also, there are times when you need storage to keep things organized so that you don’t mix them up with others. And when you are adding such storage to your living room or bedroom, you may also be concerned about the look of it. Understandable!

When it comes to buying minimal storage that also adds decorative value, an accent furniture cabinet is the best choice. Accent cabinets are generally small in size but versatile in design so that you can decorate your room as well as organize items in it as they offer several layers of storage. Even the countertop can be used for several activities. 

Having worked in the furniture sector over the past ten years, I’ve vast experience on accent furniture cabinets. However, here is some important information you should know before you decide to buy an accent furniture cabinet, it’ll ease your buying decision-making process:

7 Types Of Accent Furniture Cabinet: Know Your Options

Accent furniture cabinets are especially known for their aesthetic and versatility. Besides, you can buy one according to the space you have. Despite having a small place in your living room, you can go for an accent table with doors and layers of storage which can also be used as a television table or for keeping bar items. 

To learn to use an accent cabinet in the best way possible, you need to know the types. Only then you can decide which one you will need in your house that serves your purposes and goes with the interior. Here, are the 7 types of accent furniture cabinets:

1. Accent Cabinets With Drawers:

The most common type of accent cabinet has several drawers in it for storage. These have a solid wooden body with a natural burnish tone you like and look stunning. 

The drawers let you organize items separately in each drawer, and no matter how messy it is inside, you can still keep it in the living room as guests won’t see inside. You can install it in a corner of the living room with a flower vase, books, or wine bottles on it or keep it in the bedroom. You can even keep it in your office room for keeping files. As the look is formal, it would perfectly blend in a corporate environment. 

The solid, compact, simple, yet elegant accent cabinet with drawers expresses a refined taste and gives a super posh look in the place. 

2. Accent Cabinets With Glass Doors:

Some accent cabinets don’t have drawers but they have doors. Most door accent cabinets have glass doors and you can easily see what’s inside. While this is an advantage, the disadvantage is that you must keep things organized in it. Otherwise, it would look odd to the guests and distort the decorative value too. 

Glass doors have their own grace and if you keep things arranged, it will soothe your eyes. But you may not prefer to use it in the living room or office room. Instead, keep it in the bedroom and keep your linen, jewelry, shoes, etc. on each shelf. 

This casual accent cabinet with glass doors can be a great item for storage and organizing things. 

3. Accent Cabinet With Wooden Doors:

Now, some may not have a large space to keep a cabinet and can’t afford to take the risk of not keeping the cabinet messy. If you can’t guarantee that you would keep things arranged, you can choose accent cabinets with wooden doors over glass doors. 

Besides the fact that it is not seen through, its compact and solid design enhances the beauty of a room. While some use it as a shoe rack, others can use it to store tools, toys, and extra items that would have been otherwise scattered here and there. 

Accent cabinets with wooden doors can be kept in an office, bedroom, or living room wherever you need them. Choose the burnish accordingly to match the interior. You can even paint it. 

4. Accent Cabinets With Shelves:

Accent cabinets with shelves almost look like a mini Almira. Just like your Almira has shelves in it with a drawer at the bottom, this cabinet has the same design but is smaller in size. Also, the doors are made of glass and you can see through it what’s inside. So, you must keep things in place and should not mess them up. 

This piece of beauty is mainly for keeping larger items like linen, shoes, dishes, or bottles. If you keep small objects, they would look clumsy and overstuffed. If you really need to put something small, keep them in the drawer below. Organize items properly on the shelves above to maintain the look. 

Accent cabinets with shelves are mainly for the bedroom and are occasionally used in living rooms. If you manage to keep your files organized, you can keep one in your office room too though it may not look the best in a corporate area. 

5. Tall Accent Cabinets And Chests:

Tall accent cabinets occupy only a narrow space and are suitable for use in the bedroom. If you have extra clothes, papers, jewelry, or accessories that are not fitting in your almirah or cupboard, you can buy a tall accent cabinet instead of getting a huge cupboard. 

Tall accent cabinets have a single door with one or two drawers at the bottom. This cabinet is tall but occupies very little space on the floor. It can be fitted easily in a corner but would be beneficial to keep things organized when you have no other place to store certain items. 

Avoid having a tall accent cabinet in your living room or office area as it may not match the tiptop and top-notch interior. It is mostly used for casual purposes. 

6. Narrow Accent Cabinets And Chests:

Narrow accent cabinets are small in size and narrow in width so that they can fit at any corner. This is suitable for storing small items that you may need every day but don’t want to keep here and there. 

Narrow cabinets have one drawer and a door below with a solid countertop. It is mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom. It is helpful for storing cosmetics, bathrobes, towels, extra soap, scrubs, bathroom cleaners, and other items that are needed in the bathroom. Similarly, you can keep dishwashing liquid, handwash, cleaning scrub, hand towels, wipers, extra coffee, sugar, salt, or grocery items in the kitchen. However, using it for storing big items would not be a good idea. 

This minimalist and small piece of item would be a great addition to your home if you like to keep things in place. 

7. Modern Accent Cabinets:

The previously discussed accent cabinets are some of those that have been in trend for ages. But the modern accent cabinets are exclusive in design and you can decide on a style that finely blends with the interior of your house or office. 

Modern accent cabinets are basically similar to the common ones but often create a combination of different styles. Besides, while most cabinets were made of wood in earlier times, today’s cabinets are made of wood, glass, partex, metal, and even laminates. Also, various patterns, carvings, and colors are added to them. This means you get a wide variety of designs and styles. 

A modern accent cabinet with a sleek and classy look can undoubtedly adorn your interior as well as help you in storing items.

Related Questions:

What Are Accent Furniture Cabinets Made Of?

Classic accent furniture cabinets are made of oak wood or engineered wood. As the accent cabinet is a 90’s furniture item, it has a retro look that can be expressed with wood only. Some have glass doors. 

Most cabinets would be of pure wood and some are made of engineered wood. But the color tone is mostly kept natural like dark brown, light brown, beige, black, or white. These basic colors adorn the piece of furniture the most and make it look classy and elegant in a room.

However, modern accent cabinets are made of different materials. Though wooden accent cabinets have remained the most popular ones, some are made of metal or partex too. Some cabinets have glass doors as well. Moreover, some cabinets are adorned with decorative and colorful veneer sheets and laminates. These materials are added to make it suitable for modern houses and offices and add a spark to the accent cabinet. 

What Is The Mid-Century Style Of Accent Furniture Cabinet? 

Accent cabinets came into existence in the mid-’90s and the then style is still popular among people. The exclusively classic and retro style has never gone out of trend as it can still decorate a space with the same design and style. 

The basic feature of mid-century style accent furniture cabinets is that they are made of pure oak wood and occasionally with engineered wood. The smooth texture and raw color of the wood naturally make the cabinet gorgeous and eye-catching. Most cabinets have been burnished with dark brown, warm brown, black, beige, or white color. These basic colors harmonize perfectly with mid-century style houses and look absolutely stunning. 

Besides, the solid design with no carvings or patterns keeps it simple yet elegant. The compact rectangular shape of cabinets with straight or tilted stands eventually became a style statement portraying the classic accent cabinet style. These cabinets also have adequate space inside. 

If you have a mid-century style house and you love staying simple yet classy, you should definitely go for mid-century style accent furniture to give a stunning look to your interior. 

What Is The Farmhouse Accent Furniture Cabinet Style? 

The countryside vibe is something warm and cosy and it is completely different from the modern city lifestyle. The warmth, comfort, and peace in the countryside are inexplicable. Now when you want that vibe at home, you have to choose a farmhouse accent furniture cabinet style. 

Farmhouse accent cabinets have large spaces inside with shelves. They are generally wide and placed at a corner of a bedroom or living room. They are also used in storerooms and garages. These accent cabinets are used to keep dishes, books, extra linens, glasses, bottles, repairing tools, medicine boxes, small electronic appliances, etc., and are pretty handy and easy to use. 

The specialty of farmhouse accent cabinets is the rough and raw design and texture. These cabinets are not really polished with quite a rough finish. In fact, some cabinets have faded color and paint that gives a rustic and worn-out look. Some surfaces are distressed and no warm color is used. These cabinets generally don’t have a plain surface and the layer of the wood, frame, and joints are visible. Some have net doors. 

The farmhouse accent cabinet is quite a simple yet bold style that shows a completely pure and grounded taste of decor. It is truly exceptional and brave to have it in a house!

Where Can You Place Your Accent Furniture Cabinet In The Living Room?

The living room is a common space to keep an accent furniture cabinet. This is because many times people realize that they don’t have a particular place to store magazines, papers, extra linens, toolboxes, etc. Not only for storage but cabinets add decorative value to the room too. But where can you place a cabinet in the living room? 

Wherever you have a space in the room, you can place a cabinet there. However, you have to understand that it should not make the room overstuffed. Let me tell you some common places where you can keep a cabinet:

  • You can keep a cabinet in any corner of the room where two walls have met. This wouldn’t make the room look overcrowded. 
  • Place a mid-century cabinet under a lampshade and place a flower vase or glass showpiece on it. When the lampshade illuminates a light on the cabinet, it would give a stunningly warm and comfy vibe. 
  • If you have an empty space in any part of the room, cover the area with an accent cabinet. If you have sofa sets on three sides then fill the fourth side with a classic cabinet. You can keep it behind a sofa too. 

Understand where it would look the best and decide on a space for an accent cabinet. Wherever it looks suitable, you can keep it there. Just avoid overstuffing the space. 

Can You Place An Accent Furniture Cabinet In The Dining Space? 

Many people have the misconception that accent furniture cabinets are for the living room and bedroom. But cabinets are equally gorgeous and useful in the dining room. In fact, dining rooms require small storage to keep dishes, bottles, clean wipers, towels, glasses, cutlery, etc. that are used daily. Most people either keep such items on the table or in the kitchen. 

To keep your dining accessories organized and near your hand, you can install an accent cabinet in the dining space. You can keep the cabinet in one corner of the room or behind the dining table. 

Having a cabinet with shelves and a glass door would be a perfect one for your dining space. Keep things arranged in it and see how it enhances the beauty of the room. It would also make your tasks easier as you keep the things arranged and near your hands.

Average Price Range Of Different Accent Furniture Cabinets:

It is truly difficult to state a definite price of an accent furniture cabinet as it would vary according to the size, design, pattern, and material. However, I would like to give you an idea of the price by mentioning the average price range. This will give you only an estimate of the price of different types of accent furniture cabinets. 

Here is a table mentioning the average price range of different accent furniture cabinets:

Different Types Of Accent Furniture CabinetsAverage Price Range
Accent Cabinet With Drawers$120- $250
Accent Cabinet With Glass Doors$150- $300
Accent Cabinet With Wooden Doors$170- $350
Accent Cabinet With Shelves$250- $450
Tall Accent Cabinets And Chests$160- $300
Narrow Accent Cabinets And Chests$80- $200
Modern Accent Cabinets$150- $500

As you can see, the prices are quite affordable and would vary depending on the material, size, and design you choose. 


You have learned A to Z about accent furniture cabinets, their types, and styles, where to place them, their pricing, and many more that would help you decide. You can now pick up a style and search for a suitable cabinet that matches your house or office interior. 

Are you ready to add storage and spark in your home or office? If yes, start searching for the best accent furniture cabinet that goes with your choice and preference.

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