Why Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm Keeps Falling Off? [Causes & Solution]

Why Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm Keeps Falling Off

The lower spray arm in a dishwasher plays a crucial role in distributing water and ensuring effective cleaning. However, some dishwasher owners face a common issue: the lower spray arm keeps falling off, leading to inefficient cleaning cycles and potential damage. 

The lower spray arm of a dishwasher may keep falling off due to various reasons like a loose or damaged spray arm nut, clogged spray armholes, or improper installation. It’s essential to check and tighten the nut, clean any blockages, and ensure proper alignment during installation to prevent the issue.

In this guide, I will explore the reasons in detail and provide helpful insights and solutions to prevent the lower spray arm from detaching from your dishwasher.

6 Possible Reasons & Fixes For Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm Fall Off:

Multiple reasons can work behind the fall of the spray arm. It is essential to identify them and troubleshoot them as soon as possible. Below are the common reasons and troubleshooting ways for each case so that you can fix the issue. 

1. Loose or Damaged Spray Arm Nut: 

The spray arm nut holds the lower spray arm in place. If it becomes loose or damaged, the spray arm can detach. Check the nut for tightness and replace it if necessary.


Use a wrench to tighten the spray arm, not securely. If the nut is damaged, obtain a replacement from the manufacturer or a hardware store.

2. Improper Installation:

Incorrect alignment or attachment during installation can cause the lower spray arm to fall off. Ensuring proper alignment and engagement with the spray arm mount is essential.


Remove and reattach the lower spray arm, ensuring it is aligned properly with the spray arm mount. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

3. Excessive Weight or Overloading: 

Overloading the dishwasher or placing heavy items on the lower rack can strain the spray arm excessively, causing it to detach.


Avoid overloading the dishwasher, and distribute the load evenly on the lower rack. Place heavier items, such as pots and pans, on the upper rack to reduce the strain on the lower spray arm.

4. Worn Or Damaged Spray Arm Mount: 

The spray arm mount connects the spray arm to the dishwasher, can wear out over time or get damaged, resulting in the spray arm falling off.


Inspect the spray arm mount for any signs of wear or damage. If necessary, replace the spray arm mount following the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Water Pressure And Flow Issues: 

Insufficient water pressure or irregular water flow within the dishwasher can affect the stability of the lower spray arm, causing it to detach.


Check the water supply to the dishwasher and ensure it is adequate. Clean the dishwasher’s filters and spray arms to remove any debris or blockages that may be affecting water flow.

6. Lack Of Maintenance: 

Failure to regularly clean and maintain the lower spray arm can lead to clogs or blockages, compromising its stability and causing it to fall off.


Remove the lower spray arm periodically and clean it thoroughly. Inspect the spray arm for clogs or blockages and clear them using a soft brush or toothpick. Regularly clean the dishwasher’s filters to prevent debris buildup.

9 Tips To Prevent Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm Falling: Precautions:

A few precautions can prevent the spray arm from falling off. Below are some tips for avoiding such incidents in the future.

1. Proper Installation: 

Ensure the lower spray arm is correctly aligned and securely attached to the spray arm mount during installation.

2. Regular Maintenance: 

Clean the lower spray arm regularly to prevent debris buildup and clogs. Remove food residues accumulated on the spray arm.

3. Avoid Overloading:

Avoid overloading the dishwasher and placing heavy items on the lower rack. Distribute the load evenly.

4. Check Water Pressure: 

Ensure that the water pressure in your dishwasher is adequate. Low water pressure can affect the stability of the lower spray arm. Consult an expert in case of water pressure issues.

5. Inspect Spray Arm Mount:

Periodically inspect the spray arm mount for signs of wear or damage. Replace the arm if you notice any faults.

6. Use Proper Detergent:

 Don’t use Improper detergent or too much detergent that can lead to excessive suds, which cause the spray arm to fall.

7. Avoid Excessive Heat: 

Excessive heat can cause plastic components, including the spray arm, to warp or degrade over time. So set the temperature accordingly.

8. Gentle Loading: 

Be mindful of how you load dishes. Avoid forcefully pushing items against the spray arm, leading to misalignment or damage.

9. Regularly Inspect And Tighten: 

Periodically check the tightness of the spray arm nut. If it becomes loose, use a wrench to tighten it securely.

Related Question:

Can Using A Phosphate Dishwasher Detergent Cause The Spray Arm To Fall Off?

While high levels of phosphates can potentially lead to other dishwasher issues, such as clogs, they are not a direct cause of the spray arm falling off. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended detergent to use.

How Often To Clean The Lower Spray Arm To Prevent It From Falling Off?

It is advisable to clean the lower spray arm at least once a month or more frequently if you notice any residue or clogs. Regular cleaning helps maintain optimal performance and reduces the likelihood of the spray arm detaching.

Can A Damaged Water Inlet Valve Contribute To The Spray Arm Falling Off?

While a faulty water inlet valve can lead to various dishwasher issues, it is not directly linked to the spray arm detaching. However, addressing any water inlet valve problems is important to ensure proper water flow and performance.

Can Hard Water Deposits Fall Off The Lower Spray Arm?

Hard water deposits can accumulate on the spray arm, affecting its performance over time. Thus, regular descaling and maintenance to remove hard water deposits can help prevent potential issues.

Is It Normal For The Spray Arm To Wobble Slightly During Operation?

A minor wobbling motion during dishwasher operation is generally expected. However, if the spray arm wobbles excessively or detaches frequently, it indicates a problem. 


In conclusion, the issue of a dishwasher’s lower spray arm frequently falling off requires investigation and troubleshooting. By examining various factors, such as proper installation, maintenance, and potential damage or wear, one can determine the root cause of the problem. 

You may seek professional help, but before that, refer to the guide above and try to fix it yourself. 

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