8 DIY Ideas To Decorate A Room With Dark Furniture: For A Unique Decor

decorate a room with dark furniture

Decorating an interior with dark furniture pieces is indeed a great decision. Dark-colored furniture items are so vibrant that they become the center of attraction, the focal point in the room. So to get a simplistic and minimalistic interior, just highlighting the furniture items is a smart idea. 

But it is not always easy to decorate a room with dark furniture. You need to present them smartly to make the pieces impressive. The right combination and decor express the beauty of the dark shade while it can be a mess if not decorated strategically. And if you are clueless about how you can utilize the dark-colored furniture, maybe you should get some guidance and ideas. 

To help you out with this, I am here to propose some ideas to decorate a room with dark furniture items. With each idea, you can check its compatibility and suitability with your interior and pick one. Without further discussions, let’s move to learn the ideas. 

8 Amazing DIY Ideas To Decorate A Room With Dark Furniture:

See, the motive to propose 8 different ideas is to help you get the best fit. Some decor ideas are similar to each other but different in one of two ways. Don’t get fooled by these similarities. Because you know, different interiors demand different types of decor. And when I am proposing 8 ideas, I have picked the best ones from different interiors. 

From my experience in this field, I have explored a lot and seen versatile decors with dark furniture items. Each one is different and trusts me, every decor has its own grace and specialty. So to make your room look stunning and unique, you have to first check the compatibility and then choose one. Also, you can blend your own ideas to modify my proposals. My task is to propose; yours is to choose and make it suitable for your interior. 

So now, let’s move to the 8 amazing ideas to use dark furniture items in a room: 

1. Shades Of Brown With Warm Lighting: 

Most dark furniture items are made of hardwood, either naturally colored or stained by the manufacturer. Now if you are having such stunning deep brown wooden furniture items, why not decorate the entire room with other shades of brown? With the royalty of brown, you can install a calming yet eye-catchy interior. 

With deep brown furniture items, install caramel or honey-tinted vinyl or stone on one wall with yellow ceiling lights. The other walls can be painted with a tawny brown or beige tone. The flooring can go beige, either tile, hardwood, or carpet to create a sheer contrast. So basically, light, medium, and dark shades of brown would give a shiny and catchy look to the room. 

But another important part is the lighting. Having lampshades and yellow ceiling lights can accentuate the room even more. The warmth of brown is doubled with this lighting giving an extremely cozy vibe that you can’t just resist resting there!

2. Matte Black Tone With White: 

In this idea, a bright contrast of black and white can be created. The idea is to highlight both the black and white part of the room creating a beautiful contrast. Though it sounds very simple and mundane, the right decoration can make it look absolutely gorgeous. 

So, all the furniture items would be painted black. Be it steel, wood, partex, or plywood, the color would be matte black. With that, the flooring would go black with hardwood. Ebony is a good wood choice for this flooring. The solid black wooden planks would blend nicely with the black-shaded furniture items. Now with the bottoms all painted black, the remaining part of the room would go white. 

The walls and ceiling would be painted white to create a stunning combination. Matte white walls with matte black furniture and flooring create a beautiful and natural combination. Put some crystal vases and white candles all around the room to accentuate the area. This is a very modern and simple look that you can try out. 

3. Red Upholstered Bed With Rose-colored Decor: 

Apart from the basic shades, you can choose some other options too. For those who are fascinated with rose-tinted colors, this is just the right one for you. Dark red upholstered beds and other upholstered items can be decorated beautifully with rosy shades. 

The idea is to use red upholstery on beds, sofa, ottoman, table and paint other furniture items with dark red color. This already highlights the furniture items beautifully. But to install a rosy and vibrant vibe, let’s just put some shades of pink in the room.

Like the carpet can go rose pink; can be plain or printed with the same curtains. With that, you can paint the walls soft or baby pink. Hot pink can be used in pillows, bedcovers, and accessories in the room. 

People who love the bright and bold shades of red and pink would definitely love this decor. Especially for bedrooms, this is truly an exceptional and beautiful decor idea; warm, funky, and classy. 

4. Include Blue Hues In The Room: 

Blue is a tone that can literally go with any interior and weather conditions. It is so dazzling as well as cool and when experimented with different shades of blue, your room just becomes gorgeous. 

Let’s first talk about the furniture items. The furniture items will go navy blue as we are only choosing dark furniture items. So be it the sofa, bed, or chair, the upholstery would be blue. Other items like cabinets, bookshelf, etc. would be painted black or dark brown.

With that, the walls will go light sky blue. This almost looks white in sunlight but gives a blue hue. To contrast with the walls, the flooring can go french or sapphire blue. I would suggest installing printed carpet and curtains for a royal look. 

Install white lighting in the room with some white accessories to brighten the effect of blue even more. The hue of blue is cool as well as unique and classy. Not all can consider this decor unless they have a very happening interior setup. 

5. Yellow Divan With Crimson Hues For Sunset Effect: 

As the name suggests, my idea here is to install an interior that would provide a sunset vibe. The color shades would be blended specially to replicate the look of the sunset sky. Isn’t that amazing? 

Be it your living room or bedroom, you can keep a velvety yellow divan at one corner of the room. Yellow is one of the most attention-seeking colors that would accentuate it beautifully. Keeping the divan as the focal point, the walls and flooring would go crimson.

Crimson is the basic color that decorates the surrounding of the Sun during sunset. With the crimson theme, the curtains, and accessories can be painted orange and red. Some blue and white candles would work on side tables or shelves. 

The dazzling blend of crimson, yellow, red, orange, and white would color the room like the sunset sky. Yellow lighting in the room would make the look more groovy and colorful. Such a unique idea, right? 

6. Metallic Gray With Dark Brown Furniture Items: 

Metallic designs are very popular in modern-day interiors. The stunningly glossy metallic gray color in the room gives a neutral but classy look. One can stay very comfortable in that room but also can’t take his eyes from the unique pieces. 

Dark brown furniture pieces would be the common thing. But with that, you can install chairs, tools, and ottomans with dark metallic gray upholstery. Just behind the bed, you can install the walls with glossy metallic gray laminate to accentuate the entire wall.

On side tables, keep glossy gray lampshades with white lighting. With that, transparent gray curtains and carpet would just make the look more elegant, calming, and pleasing. 

Both gray and brown are neutral tones. When mixed together, the shades make the room look so calming that you can’t just unsee the beauty! It is absolutely classy and magnificent. With the metallic effect, it becomes royal and posh.

7. Match The Ceiling And Furniture Items: 

If you are ready to create a unique dimension in the room, we can work on something very rare. Matching the ceiling and furniture items is not a common thing to do. But if done, it would make the room stunning and gorgeous. 

Install dark brown wooden furniture in the room. Keep the furniture very simple and plain as the focal point would be the ceiling. With these furniture items, the ceiling would be crafted with narrow wooden planks.

These planks would be the same as the furniture items. If possible, you can even tell the designer to arrange the planks to create a cave-like structure with ceiling lights across the seams. That would look majestic!

The rest of the room can go off-white or cream. Warm light, bright-colored ceiling, and furniture with off-white walls and flooring give a velvety texture to the room; so rich, fine, and delicate!

8. Green And Brown For A Woody Vibe: 

People who are fond of nature would love this decor for sure. Here, the ultimate intention is to replicate the look of woods and greenery in the room. Sounds interesting, right?

Needless to say that the furniture items will go dark brown. But with the dark brown wooden frame, the upholsteries can go seaweed or army green. These shades of green are so dark that they would blend nicely into the dark brown frame. But the sheer shade of green would look illusional.

With that, the curtains and carpet would go pistachio; the most glossy and classy shade of green. For the walls, you can either choose an off-white or mild lime shade. The lighting would go yellow. 

To make the vibe more real, you can install a houseplant at one corner of the room. With such a collection of green in the room and dark brown furniture, this is going to be an extraordinarily soothing and decent decor. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does Dark Furniture Darken The Room? 

Dark furniture items are extremely appealing and give a bold look to the room. They are installed intentionally to create a vibrant yet formal look to the room and highlight the area more. 

Dark furniture definitely doesn’t darken the room. It just creates a focal point in the space and accentuates it. The look becomes dramatic and dimensional when decorated with the right setup. But overall, the room seems more happening and elegant with dark furniture. However, small rooms should not have dark furniture items as it seems smaller than it is. The dark color holds the focus making the area look overcrowded. 

How To Brighten Up A Room With Dark Furniture? 

Note that dark furniture items are installed to accentuate and brighten the room. But there are a few ways to accentuate the room even more with the dark furniture items in the room. 

Here are a few ways to brighten up a room with dark furniture: 

  • Install light-colored walls to highlight the dark furniture;
  • The flooring should go light-shaded to accentuate the dark furniture;
  • Use warm lighting and colors to bloom the beauty of the dark furniture;
  • Match the ceiling with the furniture items to create an illusional look;
  • Muted print items in the room can beautify the furniture more.

Use these techniques to brighten up a room with dark furniture items. 

Does Gray Goes With Dark Brown Furniture? 

Both gray and dark brown are neutral colors. When two neutral tones are combined, it gives a subtle look that is absolutely mind-blowing. 

If you mix dark brown with gray, it would create contrast if the gray is light. Metallic gray looks amazing with dark brown giving a shiny look. You can also add dark gray to brown giving a totally neutral look.

Note that it would look so sound, calm, and sophisticated when brown and gray are added together. Though rare and unique, a modern house can surely have such color combinations. So yes, gray goes quite well with dark brown furniture items.

How To Lighten A Room With A Dark Couch? 

If you think that the dark couch in the room has a very bold vibe, you may think of reducing that mood. To do so, you have to add some lighter shades to the room. 

For instance, you can install transparent curtains, off-white flooring (bamboo, carpet, vinyl, etc.), with light-shaded rugs and pillows. Pistachio pillows on the couch also create a contrast that lightens the mood.

You can also paint the room pistachio to give a glossy and elegant look. Using minimalist accessories like a white candle stand, small lampshades, or a flower pot at one corner can give a natural and calming mood in the room with the dark couch.

What Colors Go The Best With Dark Wood Furniture? 

You can either contrast or blend colors to dark wood furniture. While most people prefer contrasts, some may prefer matching the color tones too. 

If you want a contrast, the best colors to choose are white, off-white, pistachio, beige, and light yellow. All these colors highlight the dark furniture more, making it the focal point. Also, they are soothing colors giving a very decent and calming look.

People who want to match dark furniture pieces should go for army green, dark brown, medium brown, dark gray, or black hues. They blend well with dark wood but also give off a hue.


To conclude, I would say that if you decorate a room with dark furniture strategically, you can make amazing benefits out of it. Keeping it simple is the trick when dark furniture is accentuating the space. 

So, keep it subtle, and choose a color shade and idea that suits your interior the best. 

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