Accent Furniture Chairs: Know What To Expect                             

Accent Furniture Chairs

Accent furniture chairs bring additional decor and seating arrangements to your bedroom and living space to make the place look more sophisticated. An accent chair in your room will add a different personality to the space with the right choice of color and style.

Now, the important question is how to pick the right accent furniture chair for your space? You also need to know the ways to match the right accent chairs according to your space. As an expert in this particular field, I will provide you with detailed information to clear all the confusion in your mind. 

I have also prepared and provided the details of the top 5 accent furniture chair ideas to add elegance to your space. The details provided in this article are entirely based on my 10 years of experience and research work. Let’s get started.

There are many different types of accent furniture chairs, such as traditional, leather, armless and with sidearms to pick from. Based on my research and experience, I have provided the 5 most popular accent furniture chairs that you can pick according to your preferences:

1. Traditional Mid-Century Chair:

Traditional mid-century accent chairs are old-school fashioned chairs for people who are fond of vintage fittings. If you want to bring an ancient vibe with classy decor, this is the best option for you. Traditional mid-century accent chairs are available in all forms, both armless and with sidearms. 

These upholstered and comfortable traditional chairs have removable cushions which will give you the relief of cleaning and maintaining the chair easily. For instance, if you want to change the entire look just change the cover of your cushion to make it look completely different.

Traditional mid-century accent chairs will look delicate and fit in any corner of your house whether in your bedrooms or your living space. The solid framework and the material of such chairs give good support, and it lasts for a long time. It is also very simple to assemble and looks good in small spaces.

Because of its vintage vibe and classy look, this type of chair is expensive but definitely worth buying for your space. The price starts from $400 and can reach a maximum of $3000. 

2. Upholstered Wooden Lounge Chair:

This post-modern upholstered wooden lounge chair is very simple looking but elegant at the same time. This comes with a variety of designs and looks good with everything. This type of accent chair usually comes with a sidearm, and the chair is structured in such a way that will give you a comfortable and welcoming vibe. 

This type of wooden chair is so versatile that it can be placed in your office area and also in public areas as well. It has very good durability and the price is reasonable as well. Since it is made of wood, the exterior color is the same which includes the arms, footing, and the backbone of the chair.

It needs very good maintenance for a long-lasting service. The cushions of such chairs are removable and based on the interior of your room, you can match the cushions for a picture-perfect appearance. These types of chairs are commonly used, and also reasonable in price.

One of the downsides of wooden lounge chairs is, some of the manufacturers do not keep the options open to change their cushion. If you are the type of person with a changing habit, check if the cushions are removable before you purchase them. The price range of upholstered wooden lounge accent chairs starts from $200 to a maximum of $800.

3. Antique Leather Lounge Chair:

An antique leather lounge chair is the perfect statement piece for your house. This type of chair will bring a different glamour into your house and surely be a show-stopper. Not only for filling up the empty space in your room, but antique leather lounge chairs will also add extra value to your room.

There are basically two types of antique leather lounge chairs that are available in the market. You will find most antique leather chairs come with an ottoman, and you can also find a normal one without any extra baggage. It entirely depends on your usage which one to go for.

This type of accent chair is suited for both traditional and modern interior designs. The structure of the antique lounge chairs is mostly steel, but you can customize the order to genuine wood as well. You can also find both the types manufactured by a single seller as well.

The cushion of antique leather lounge chairs is genuinely made of pure authentic leather. Most chairs are usually hand-made products and are widely available all over the world. It usually lasts a long time with the right maintenance and cleaning.

Antique leathers are very expensive, and if you can stretch your budget to a minimum of $1000, I will recommend you to go for this without a doubt. I have personally used these accent chairs, and they are comfortable and relaxing. The minimum price of an antique leather lounge chair starts from $1000 to a maximum of $5000.

4. Modern Square Armed Accent Chair:

A modern square-armed accent chair is the perfect combination of elegance and affordability. The chair will bring a glamourous and posh look to your space whether it is in your bedroom or living space. The material of the chair is delicately made with the world’s best fabrics. 

The frame of the entire body is made up of fine wood and it is very durable. Most of the manufacturers include a free pillow with square-armed chairs for your comfort. You can place the chair in your library, bedrooms, even living room and spend the day comfortably reading a book or watching television for hours. 

The fitting requires a bit of charisma and technique which the manufacturer will provide for you free of cost. The downside of modern square armed chairs is, it is very heavy and you cannot easily move from one place to another. I would recommend you to add this type of chair to your bedroom, right beside the window. 

Like I have already mentioned, this accent chair is a total package worth buying. The price starts from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $2000. 

5. Tropical Accent Chair:

Tropical accent chairs are also known as a host chair which is used to honor the most respected person in the room. This type of chair is widely used in corporate meetings and can also be used in the house as well. The back of the chair is usually very tall and a bit curvy.

Tropical accent chairs are durable if they are regularly maintained. The sidearm of the chair is rolled up for comfortable placement of your hand. The material of the chair is mostly leather and high-quality fabrics which makes it look sophisticated.

If you want to make someone feel special and valuable, this is the perfect option for you. The main structure of the body is usually made up of steel, and it is heavy to move from one place to another. Make sure to make up your mind before you decide to place a tropical accent chair in your space.

The tropical chair is a bit expensive but considering its smooth finishing and high-quality fabrics, this is a kind of product worth buying. The price range starts from $500 and it can reach up to $3000 or more.

How To Pick The Right Accent Chair?

As you already know there are many options to pick from, you need to know the ways to pick the right accent chair. As an expert in this field and years of my experience, I have figured out a few major ways to pick the right accent chair:

  • Draft out your floor plan to make sure the number of furniture that can fit in without jamming the space of your room.
  • Think smartly about the way you are going to use the space and place your accent chair accordingly. For relaxation, you have to pick the accent chairs that will fit your needs. For casual use and hanging out with your family and friends, you have other options to choose from.
  • Spend on the type of accent chairs that will work as an investment for you and last for years. Make sure the chair is well constructed and can be used for decades.
  • Accent chairs are mostly used as complementary furniture, coordinate and match the other pieces in the room for a more dignified look.
  • Before you purchase the chair, take your time and seat to make sure it is comfortable enough for your back.
  • Make sure to check if your arm and neck have enough support while sitting in the chair because you will spend hours in the accent chair during your leisure time.
  • Check the fabric used in your chair and people with different age groups have different preferences. Choose accordingly.
  • Compare the prices with different accent chairs before making the final decision.
  • Think wisely before you buy whether the accent chair you buy will be used to fill up the space in your room or to add an exquisite and luxurious look. 

Measurement of Accent Chairs According To Their Types:

Another smart way to pick the right accent chair is to find out about the height, weight, and width of the chairs that will suit and compliment the room. Here is a table provided for you based on my personal experience and research:

Accent Chair TypesHeight WidthWeightDepthAssemble Required
Antique Leather32”-40”30”-38”50lb-80lb28”-42”No
Modern Squared Armed25”-32”30”-38”70lb-100lb34”-40”Yes

Some Frequently Asked Questions On Accent Furniture Chairs:

Why Should You Buy An Accent Furniture Chair? (5 Reasons)

According to my years of experience, it is worth purchasing an accent chair to fill up your space. For your better understanding, I am providing here 5 reasons to buy an accent furniture chair:

  1. To fill up the empty corner or space of your room in a fashionable way.
  2. Accent Chair will give you an extra seating arrangement that will boost your space.
  3. You can use an accent chair for your relaxation at the end of the day.
  4. An accent chair will create a different vibe and focal point to your space.
  5. An accent chair can be placed and used in any corner of your houses, such as bedrooms, living space, dining rooms, and entryways. 

These are the basic 5 reasons to buy an accent furniture chair. For more detailed information, take your valuable time and read the entire article. 

What Is The Best Accent Chair For Your Bedroom?

The ideal and most suitable accent chair for your bedroom is the one that requires the most smaller space. The bedroom is a place where you feel comfortable and relax at the end of the day. I would recommend you to go for the smaller accent chairs that will occupy less space yet make the room classy.

What Is The Best Accent Chair For Your Living Space?

The perfect accent chair for your living space would be the one that will compliment the sofa and other sitting arrangements like an antique leather lounge chair or modern square armed accent chairs. You do not need to worry about the space because it will occupy you as long as the chair suits your budget.

Can You Place Two Accent Chairs In The Same Space?

Yes, you can place two accent chairs in the same space given the condition that one should complement the other. It should not look like a mismatch, and both the height of the accent chairs should be similar for a perfect look. You can place two accent chairs in your living space.

Is It Necessary For Your Accent Chair To Match Other Furniture?

It is not necessary for the accent chair to match with other pieces in the space. However, it will look good with the right matching colors and designs. Accent chairs are additional furniture that is mostly used to bring a different sophisticated vibe to the room. It entirely depends on you.

There are many different types of accent chairs to choose from, and I have provided detailed information on the most popular ones in contrast to their prices and durability. Other notable mentions are:

  • Recliners,
  • Stationery Chairs,
  • Chair With Ottoman Combinations,
  • Motion Power Accent Chairs,
  • Swivel Chairs,
  • Rocking Chairs.


Accent chairs are basically an extra sitting arrangement that gives the space an exquisite look and adds value to it. I have provided all the information based on my years of experience and knowledge to help you pick the right one.

I hope this article is informative enough and will help you choose the right accent furniture chairs for your space. For any other queries, feel free to write to me, and don’t forget to share this article with others.

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