Leather Chair And Ottoman Set: Exclusive Décor Ideas

Leather Chair And Ottoman Set

Ottoman stands as a style statement and when complemented with a leather chair, the combination ignites the grace of the room. Be it in an office, living room, bedroom, or a cozy balcony, a set of leather chairs and ottoman can be relaxing as well as add decorative value to the space. 

The combination of leather chair and ottoman goes perfectly with almost any type of interior and creates a cozy and comfortable vibe. It is a luxurious choice as well and represents a refined and aesthetic taste of yours. Besides, the ottoman can be used for various purposes while resting on the leather couch. 

To let you make the best use of a leather chair and ottoman set, I have come up with some amazing ideas so that you can decide on which design and model you are going to install in your house or office. I would discuss some exclusive decor ideas as well as clarify several questions to make your decision-making process easier. So, let’s get started:

10 Décor Ideas With Leather Chair And Ottoman Set (Both Office & Home):

A leather chair is a posh and classy choice and when accompanied by a multi-purpose ottoman, it doesn’t only enhance the elegance and beauty but also helps you to make the best use of it. Thus it is not only about style and comfort but useful too. 

If you are ready to live a king-size life and add spark to a space, a leather chair, and ottoman combo would be a smart option in so many ways. However, before discussing why it is a good choice, let me first present 10 décor ideas with leather chair and ottoman sets:

1. Full Grain Leather Egg Chair And Ottoman:

Leather Egg chair

A full-grain leather egg chair with an ottoman is exactly what you need to decorate your office room or lounge. The iconic mid-century design is absolutely stunning and eye-catchy and super relaxing. 

The egg chair has a slide in the seat or you can call it a classic wingback chair too. The slight extensions on two sides of the headrest cushion and arms give it a curved shape that casts an egg-shaped shadow. Along with this, a simple oval ottoman can be added for the footrest and keeping a coffee cup too. 

A solid black leather egg chair with a small ottoman can be installed at home but would look extravagantly amazing at a corner of your office room. You can glide in the chair to rest or take a nap or offer comfort to your guests too.

2. Split Grain Leather Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman:

Eames lounge chairs with ottoman have a metallic base and leather crafting. The split-grain leather upholstery gives a posh and sophisticated vibe as well as a very lively and fresh environment. 

Eames lounge chairs are super comfy with the backward gliding seat and separate headrest cushion attached to the backrest with a metal bar. The wide arms let you keep books and a coffee mug while relaxing. A square-shaped ottoman with the same material adds value to the look and lets you rest well and use it as a coffee table too

Though you can use it anywhere, it is one of the best collections for offices or lounges. It is named Eames lounge chair mainly because of its capacious design that would look stunning in a large office room or lounge. 

3. Top Grain Leather Barcelona Chair And Ottoman:

The silky top grain leather for a Barcelona chair and ottoman is indeed a classy choice. The chair and ottoman have small squares on them made by attaching or sewing the leather layers to each other. The design is simple and sophisticated and good for small spaces.

A Barcelona chair has no arm and a slightly sliding but flat seat with a tilted backrest cushion. The frame is made of stainless steel and it is lightweight. Similarly, the ottoman has a leather top with metal stands. The minimalist design helps you fit it at any corner in a room and balcony. The ottoman can be used as a coffee table or footrest. 

This setup is preferred for home decor but can suit small offices too. 

4. Nubuck Leather Scandinavian Accent Chair And Ottoman:

Nubuck leather has a velvety texture and is expensive as it is made from cowhide. The Scandinavian chair style is super comfortable and excellent to add decorative value. The design is very simple but aesthetic. 

The velvety-soft leather upholstery stands on a wooden frame and the tinted colour creates a beautiful contrast. The simple rectangular ottoman works as a footrest and coffee table too. The thin arm and separate seat cushion add extra comfort and ease while resting. The padding and soft nubuck texture not only gives a luxurious look but comfort too. 

The small nubuck leather ottoman is for footrests that make your resting more comfortable. This model is suitable for your bedroom so that you can relax during your leisure. 

5. Suede Leather Little Petra 1938 Chair And Ottoman:

The trendy yet retro little petra 1938 chair has a backrest cushion that bends towards the sides, and you can recline to rest your head comfortably on the curve. The backrest is short in height and a bit circular in shape. The ottoman with this chair is also small and short in height. 

Suede leather has a soft and feathery texture that gives you warmth and comfort. Sitting on this chair feels super relaxing and the design is perfect for gliding forward, keeping the foot on the ottoman, and resting your head on the upper edge of the headrest. 

The little petra chair and ottoman set occupy very little space and are suitable for use at home, especially in a bedroom or study room. 

6. Split Grain Leather Glider Chair With Ottoman:

The rough and classy texture of split-grain leather is commonly used in furniture. And for a glider chair and ottoman set, it is a favourable option to go for. Glider rocking has a pretty simple and straight design with a solid rectangular ottoman. The simplicity enhances the beauty of a room. 

Split grain leather glider chair has a straight backrest and headrest area with a padded seat and thin arms. It comes with an extra cushion at the foot of the backrest for added comfort. It glides too. The frame is usually wooden. The ottoman too has a wooden frame and the bulky and solid design blends perfectly with the rocking chair. You can use it as a coffee table too.  

This option is suitable for both home and office. It has a formal look for office usage but considering the comfort and beauty, you can definitely use it at home. 

7. Faux Leather Recliner Chair With Ottoman:

The set of a recliner and ottoman is an excellent option for home. Even when you see it, you can imagine the ease by defining the design. Moreover, the soft and warm texture of faux leather embraces you well to soothe you. 

A reclining chair is always for relaxation and resting. Also, you can comfortably read a book, or have a drink while resting on it. You can decide your position in seconds as the recliner lets you find your comfort zone. 

The incredible part is the ottoman. The faux leather ottoman has been angled and reclined so that you can position your feet downwards. This is the ultimate relaxation factor that makes this the best option for home. As the design is completely for relaxation, keeping it in the office may look odd.  

8. Tufted Faux Leather Chair With Ottoman:

Tufted faux leather is another common design for both chairs and ottomans. The smooth leather gives a slippery touch but the tufted design makes you stay on the seat. Needless to say, tufted ottomans and chairs look amazingly classy and elegant as well as make the room look spacious. 

The tufted chair doesn’t have any arm allowing flexibility and ease. The ottoman is just a small one for the footrest and keeping small belongings. The combination looks outstanding and the solid black or brown colour of faux leather makes it the centre of attraction in the room. 

This casual chair and ottoman set are best for your balcony or bedroom. The comfort, ease, and flexibility of the chair and ottoman are what you need after a tiring day. 

9. Top Grain Leather Swivel Chair With Ottoman:

If you are looking for something large and capacious to let you rest well, enjoy a movie, or have a relaxing and fresh time, this is just the right option for you. The industrial-style lounge chair allows maximum flexibility, and ease that you can even sleep on it comfortably after a tiring day. 

For a huge living room or bedroom, this is a great option. The frame is wooden and the entire chair and ottoman are heavily padded to warmly hug you in the seat. The curved and reclined design promotes swivel functionality allowing you to move and use it flexibly. You can use the ottoman for keeping a coffee cup, books, or resting your feet. 

The extremely silky texture, thick padding, reclined model with an ottoman makes this option a perfect choice for the home to have warm and relaxing times. 

10. Suede Leather Wingback With Ottoman:

Suede leather has this velvety and feathery texture that gives you warmth and comfort. And when it is installed on a wingback chair, the comfort level is doubled. And an ottoman with it means that you are all set to have a relaxing time. 

The lowered arms and curved and extended backrest provide you with comfort. You can flexibly move on the chair, rest well, and even sleep due to the extended headrest cushion. The padding is minimal but offers enough space to relax and be at ease. The rectangular ottoman is perfect for foot resting and keeping coffee cups or books. 

Suede leather wingback with ottoman is the best choice for bedroom, living room, and balcony wherever you want to relax. However, it is too informal to be kept in an office room. 

Related Questions:

What Is The Best Height Of Ottoman In A Leather Chair And Ottoman Set?

There is no ideal size for an ottoman. Ottomans are versatile in design and serve different purposes. So it is difficult to state a standard height of an ottoman when it is placed individually. 

But, when the ottoman is paired with a chair or couch, you have to take care of the height of the ottoman. When complemented with a leather chair, ottomans are mostly used for foot resting or as a coffee table. Now, you can imagine that if the height of the ottoman is more than the seat of the chair, it would be uncomfortable to rest your feet on it. 

This is why, ideally, the height of the ottoman should be at least 1 inch smaller than the seat of the leather chair. When the height of the ottoman is less than the height of the seat, you can easily rest your feet on it and sip your coffee and relax. Also, the harmonization becomes perfect when the height is adjusted like this. 

Also, the size of the ottoman should not be larger than the couch as it would unnecessarily occupy space and look odd. 

How Much Space Should It Be Between A Leather Chair And Ottoman?

Ottomans are not usually placed too close to a chair as it causes discomfort. You can’t rest your feet on it when the distance from the chair is short. To reach the ottoman after extending your feet wide, it has to be placed a bit away from the couch. 

Ideally, there has to be a gap of 12 inches between the chair and an ottoman. This gap allows you to comfortably rest your feet on it even when you glide on the chair or half-lay on it. You can get ultimate ease and relaxation when the ottoman is placed 12 inches away from the chair. But, when it is placed near the chair and you glide on the chair, your feet would slip away from the ottoman. 

This is why you must keep the ottoman a few inches away from the chair so that you can rest your feet on it easily.

Average Price Range Of The Leather Chair And Ottoman Sets:

Leather is a pricey material and the posh and classy crafting of chairs with ottomans naturally makes the combo expensive. The excellent craftsmanship and premium quality leather decide the price. Price differs when the design changes. 

Let me give you an idea about the price range of the leather chair and ottoman sets:

Leather Chair And Ottoman TypesAverage Price Range
Egg Chair And Ottoman $10,000- $12,000
Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman $5500- $7000
Barcelona Chair And Ottoman$5500- $8000
Scandinavian Chair with Ottoman$4000- $5000
Little Petra 1938 Chair With Ottoman$4500- $6500
Glider Rocking Chair With Ottoman$3000- $5000
Recliner Chair With Ottoman$4000- $5000
Tufted Leather Chair With Ottoman$6500- $7500
Swivel Chair With Ottoman$7000- $10,000
Wingback Chair With Ottoman$5000- $7500

These are the average ranges that offer genuine leather and premium quality. You may get cheaper options but the leather may not be good in that case. 

Choose carefully, compare prices and then decide which one suits your budget and choice. 


A leather chair and ottoman set is a valuable investment for interior decoration and ultimate comfort. Be it in an office or home, this combination is the best for giving relaxation, peace of mind, and warmth even on a mundane day. 

Choose the design and materials according to your preference and get the best leather chair and ottoman set to upgrade your lifestyle and embrace comfort!

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