How To Decorate An Ottoman Coffee Table 

Decorate An Ottoman Coffee Table

People love to decorate their things in various ways to make them quite captivating, organized, and stylish. Since the ottoman coffee table has become the center attraction in the living room, there are many different ways you can decorate your ottoman coffee table. 

In today’s article, I’m going to break down how to decorate an ottoman coffee table with ease. Let’s read this article from top to bottom. 

The “Rule Of 3’s” To Decorate An Ottoman Coffee Table: 

It goes without saying that there is a well-known rule called the ‘Rule of 3’s’ that is pretty useful to decorate an ottoman coffee table. Now, I’m going to explain how anyone can easily decorate his/her ottoman coffee table by following these rules. 

1.  Consider The Shape: 

For Rectangular Table-you can put a tray on the table or put some fresh greenery to create a tidy clean look. A few books with it will look great.

For Round Table- Try to choose round-shaped objects to mimic the shape of the table. It can be a round vase, round tray, or just a simple round globe. 

2. Bring Variation Of Heights And Textures: 

Variety in heights and textures of objects gives flexibility when it comes to decorating a surface or a console. It is basically about putting things together in order, such as keeping a small thing next to a large one or a glassy thing next to a matte one. 

Such variation can be created by using different sizes of flower vases with different designs of candles and arranging them in order. When objects are placed in a group, the entire decoration looks well balanced.

Sometimes, changing the position of an object makes a great difference in styling. Generally, greeneries are kept with the books. Candleholders or long flower vases are usually kept at the left side of the ottoman coffee table.

3. Color Variation:

Color representation is very important because color combinations present a person’s sense of fashion and personality. Colors brighten up the ottoman coffee table. You can go for either all similar colors or all contrasting colors. 

  1. If you are a person who loves black and white combinations, a monochrome design pattern is a right choice for you. Just play around with these two colors. As an example, find books with black or white covers, vases in black and white, or any other object you like to make your own monochrome pattern.
  2. Choose contrast colored objects with the table. If it is dark, use light-colored objects or vice versa.

4. Give A Personal Twist:

Placing a photo frame on the coffee table or a thing that is very special to you tells a story of your passion and dreams. This will make people notice. And it can be a conversation starter. Styling is not about just keeping things together professionally. Rather it is supposed to make objects alive. When people look at it, they can have a vision of the person.

5. Give A Seasonal Vibe:

Beautify the coffee table with seasonal flowers, such as winter or summer flowers.  Fragrance of the flowers will delight your mood. Garden fresh greenery or little foliage would look great with them.

Sometimes metallic things like lamps, candle holders are really cool to go with your attitude and add shine to the decoration.

6. Rearrange Objects: 

Rearranging objects will help you understand which pattern looks better with the ottoman coffee table. Things like books, flowers, candles are helpful to redesign the decoration. 

By changing their placements from left to right or from back to front will make a difference with the styling. Vases or greeneries are usually placed on top of the heavy books. Other stuff can be kept in the middle of the table. Reshuffle the objects, then take two steps back from the table and now see how it is looking? If it satisfies you, the ottoman coffee table is ready! 

7. Use Tray 

Using a tray makes things look organized. There are different sizes of trays for decorating the coffee table. Designers generally use two trays: one is larger and the rest is smaller. Trays are friendly to assemble things and prevent from creating a mess of objects. Cleaning the table is also easy.

You can keep there your favorite coffee table book, candle holder, head statue, different kinds of candles, and so on. Some other things like room spray, marble coaster, reed diffuser, etc. are also nice with it. Small trays are used to place bottles or tea cups etc. Using mirrored boxes and layering them with some flowers will look good together. 

Honestly, there are no fixed rules for that. Your vision is your style. Just keep rearranging your favorite things. Now, I am going to share some quick solutions for each type of ottoman coffee table so that you can easily decorate it in a real quick way.

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Decorating An Ottoman Coffee Table:

Well, there are 5 tips to follow, and  easy to maintain, as a result you have the best looking, gorgeous and of course most fashionable Ottoman coffee table ever. Okay, the rules are pretty simple. I am going to explain one by one:

Heights: Having ottoman coffee tables with different heights give you a lot of options with table setting; it is definitely up to you how many much height you need to make adjustments with other furniture of your house or apartment. Like, if a 3 feet table is very near to your 4 feet height sofa, it will be an unmatched thing and it will make bad impressions for you and your guest as well. So, you have to make sure of these adjustments.

Color Combinations: Color matching is a great term. No matter if you are spending thousands of dollars to make an ottoman coffee table,  but if you choose the wrong color combination there will be no value for this investment. So, make sure that your coffee table color matches with your house or apartment color palette.

Layers: If you have two or three or even four-layered ottoman coffee tables. The upper layer can be used for showpieces or for your snacks or coffee cups. The second layer is for storing the newspaper or magazines and the third or fourth layer could be used for keeping other ornamental things including your daily usable tools. 

Textures: While designing the coffee table, texture balance should be maintained to create an appropriate look. you can choose either from a catalog or make the design on your own. 

Tray: You can also convert the layer into tray system, just like drawer so that you can keep things organized

Try to adjust the layer or tray heights as per your requirements. Some other important rules you can follow to decorate your ottoman coffee table in a stylish designer way. 

How To Decorate A Glass Ottoman Coffee Table:

A bold pattern rug should be put underneath a glass coffee table if you can see through that. In this case, it would be great to leave your decoration very simple and streamlined. A vase of fresh flowers or a little bit of greenery will make it look elegant.

Remember that if you crowd something on it, it will not look good enough. Keep it simple and choose things that are beautiful, small, and fashionable.

How To Decorate A Round Ottoman Coffee Table:

In this case, you have to choose 3 specific corners so that you can organize your showpieces using these corners into the table. 

You can have a small lamp light or a candle for creating the vibe at night or can simply have any small showpieces that have LED light so that at night when you work on a laptop, you can still have some light to find anything on the table. 

How To Decorate A Square Ottoman Coffee Table:

Now you have 4 specific corners to decorate showpieces, and to enjoy the afternoon tea break or while working on a laptop at mid-night.

You can have simply 4 showpieces to decorate or can leave a corner so that you can access the table without any hesitation. At the same time, it is important to bear in mind, 

After decorating the whole table, you should have some more space to put your smartphone on it or even your laptop or your tired feet as well.

Because if you decorate the whole table without leaving some spaces,  it can be caused damaging any highly-priced showpiece, and this is the main thing that you should notice.


Be aware that before decorating the whole table, keep some empty space to put your other essential tools including smartphone, laptop, or even your tired feet on it. 

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