Accent Furniture With Storage: Add Value To An Interior

Accent Furniture With Storage

Accent furniture items are known for creating style statements. It is used to adorn a space and add value to an interior. Besides their decorative value, accent furniture items are also useful for multiple purposes. Accent furniture with storage is a good example. This unique piece of furniture is excellent for storing items in any space in the interior. 

Be it in the bathroom or living room, accent furniture with storage can be useful. You need to pick the right size and design to make the decor beautiful and use it as storage. And it can be difficult to select the right one among the bulk of options if you have little idea about storage accent furniture. If you are searching for some information on accent furniture with storage, you are at the right place. 

In this article, I am going to discuss all the necessary information that you need to know before buying. So stay with me to enhance the decorative value of your interior with accent furniture with storage!

10 Decorating Ideas For Accent Furniture with Storage: 

Accent furniture with storage can be a cabinet, chest, coffee table with storage, or even an ottoman. You can use them as storage furniture items. These are regularly used furniture pieces that can be converted into storage. Adding decorative value to it makes it accent furniture with storage. This means you have a variety of options to create storage and style your interior. 

I have handpicked some of the exclusive decor ideas that offer excellent decorative values and can be used for storage. You can apply any of these that blend the best with the interior. Also, notice the purpose of the furniture piece and understand which one you will need. 

Here are the 10 stunning decor ideas with accent furniture with storage: 

1. Accent Cabinet With Drawers: 

The most commonly used storage accent furniture is a cabinet with drawers. The accent cabinet with drawers is made of high-quality wood giving a plain and solid texture. This mid-century accent cabinet is compatible with both modern and classic interior designs. 

Tilted stands, four to six drawers with metal knobs and pure wooden texture add a touch of elegance to an interior. You can install this cabinet with drawers in your living room, bedroom, or even in your office space. Starting from paper files to first aid boxes, these cabinets can accommodate every small item. Besides, you can adorn the countertop with a showpiece or flower vase. 

2. 2-Door Wooden Accent Cabinet: 

The 2-door wooden accent cabinet is compact and suitable to place at a corner. If you require small storage in the kitchen, dining space, or bedroom, this is a smart choice. It saves space in the room but provides satisfactory storage. 

Shelves inside the cabinet help you store linen, cutlery, tissues, papers, etc. You can keep things arranged on each shelf. The wooden door with knobs can be colored with bright and light shades, or you can keep the solid wooden texture. Keep it simple and casual as the design itself is attractive. To add small storage to the space while keeping the interior eye-catchy, a 2-door wooden accent cabinet is the best option. 

3. Laminated 2-Door Accent Cabinet: 

Let’s move to something unique and extraordinarily beautiful. Modern accent cabinets are available in different designs and colors. And these cabinets are the best for the latest home decors as they are stylish and trendy. 

While some may choose wooden, glass, or metal cabinets, I always love laminated cabinets. Laminates are economical and versatile. On a strong wooden or metal cabinet, install a colored and patterned laminate sheet of your choice. Laminates give a sleek and contemporary look adding aesthetic to an interior. The 2-door laminated accent cabinet features several shelves inside it for storing linen, papers, magazines, etc. It is excellent to place in the living room or bedroom. 

4. Tall Wooden Or Metallic Accent Chests:

If you have little floor space in a room, this is the best storage accent furniture for you. The tall accent chest occupies only a little floor space and takes more headspace. It may also feature two drawers at the bottom.

This accent chest is best for kitchen and bedroom storage. In the bedroom, you can store lingerie, towels, cosmetics, shoes (in the drawers), etc. If you need extra space for storing dishes and cutleries in the kitchen, this tall chest is the right choice. The tall solid wood or metal structure looks beautiful. It looks soothing to the eyes as it occupies only a little space. This furniture piece is extremely useful for storage as well as enhancing decorative value. 

5. Single Door Narrow Accent Cabinet: 

This is a minimal accent cabinet that is narrow and small in height. Most of these furniture pieces have a single door, while some feature a drawer too. With a laminated countertop, this narrow cabinet creates a stylish look. 

The narrow accent cabinet is suitable for storing toiletries and cosmetics in the bathroom. Besides, you can keep one in the dining room to keep tissues, cutlery, table mats, and other dining accessories. Remember that this accent cabinet is only for storing small items that you need regularly. You can’t store large items in it. This is why a narrow accent cabinet is the best for bathrooms and kitchens for keeping small things arranged. 

6. Vintage Farmhouse Wooden Chest: 

Here comes a wooden chest suitable for traditional and vintage home decorations. If you want a countryside vibe in your house, choose a farmhouse wooden chest. 

This accent chest has a rugged and faded surface, unlike a polished and shiny modern chest. The rough and raw texture of the accent cabinet creates a warm and cozy vibe in the room. These chests have drawers and are excellent for casual usage. You can store large items like clothes, books, papers, toolboxes, purses, cosmetics, etc. This vintage look can be added to your dining space, bedroom, or living room. 

7. Wooden Table With An Open Storage Shelf: 

So far, I have only discussed cabinets and chests as they are the popular storage accent furniture pieces. Now let me move to some other options. Here comes a wooden table with a storage shelf that can be used in multiple ways. 

This storage furniture piece has an open storage shelf with a countertop. It is a table with a shelf just below the upper surface. The lower surface is used as a shelf that is attached to the stands. This versatile furniture piece can be used as a coffee table as well as a television stand. As the storage is open, keep books, magazines, home plants, etc. to decorate the shelf as well as store items. Adding this furniture would alter the entire look of a room as it is stunning and unique in appearance. 

8. Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage: 

I am absolutely in love with this accent lift top coffee table that comes with open and hidden storage. This versatile piece has a sleek design that doubles the elegance and beauty of a home as well as an office space. 

This wooden or laminated piece is similar to the previous one but more useful. It has a top that can be lifted. You can work or dine on the lifted top at home or office. As you lift the top, you can see the hidden storage. You can keep your laptop, files, books, camera, and other valuable items in this hidden space. You will get open storage just beside the hidden one to store magazines, books, or keep a showpiece. 

This is a perfect storage accent furniture for working, using as a coffee or center table, and storing items. Trust me, nothing is more versatile than this accent storage furniture item!

9. Storage Side Table:

Here comes another minimal accent furniture with storage suitable for keeping at the bedside or the corners of the rooms. A side table is ideal for storing small items like candles, medicines, toolboxes, tissues, papers, etc. 

A solid wood side table with drawers can be kept at one side of the bed. This small accent furniture looks simple yet elegant in a room. With a table lamp on it, you can get a classic and warm vibe in the room. The side table is also suitable for keeping in a corner of the living room. Place a lamp or flower vase on the top to upgrade the look. 

10. Storage Ottoman: 

My all-time favorite accent furniture with storage is the ottoman. Ottoman is always the best option for multiple usages and adding value to an interior. 

A storage ottoman can be round or rectangular. It can be used for sitting, resting, and even as a coffee table. But the storage ottomans have a hidden storage space just below the countertop. You can remove it and cram up items in this hollow space. 

You can try out different ottoman styles like tufted, velvet, or solid leather ottoman which matches your interior the best. Ottoman is a smart and classy furniture item as well as useful for storing items. 

5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Accent Furniture With Storage: 

By now you have understood that there are a lot of options. The confusion increases when the options are varied. This confusion can lead you to mistakes. But don’t worry! I got you. I am here with some tips that will help you decide which one is the best for your purpose. 

Here are few tips for you before selecting accent furniture with storage: 

1. Know The Storage Requirement: 

Do you need large or minimal storage furniture? Depending on the storage space you need to select accent storage furniture. If you need one extra storage space to keep small items, a narrow chest, side table, or an ottoman would suffice. But if you need large storage facilities, you have to go for drawer cabinets, tall accent chests, 2-door cabinets, and other large storage furniture items. 

When you know the storage requirement, you can easily pick the size of the accent storage furniture. Shortlist the storage furniture that matches your storage requirement. 

2. Consider The Floor Space: 

Do you have enough space to keep a large accent storage furniture piece? Decide how much area you expect the storage furniture piece to cover. Make sure that the piece doesn’t make the decor clumsy. 

You must decide on a space where you can set the storage item. If you have little floor space, a tall accent cabinet would be the best option. You can also replace your center table with a storage lift-top coffee table to save up some space. If you have enough floor space, you may go for the other options. However, it is always better that you empty space for the storage furniture and then buy it to avoid any further issues regarding floor space. 

3. Select The Style: 

An important motive of installing accent furniture is to enhance the look and decoration of a room. So you need to blend the furniture item with the interior to add a decorative value. 

If you have classic home decor, you may like the farmhouse vintage cabinet or solid wooden drawer cabinets. Similarly, for modern home decor, laminated chests and cabinets, ottomans, or storage tables are the smartest choices. Don’t forget to match the texture and color of the storage furniture with the walls, floor, and other furniture items in the room. 

The piece should be impressive and stand out but must not look awkward with the home decor. 

4. Check The Durability: 

Durability will highly depend on where you are installing the accent furniture with storage. For example, in kitchens and bathrooms, you should not use a normal wooden cabinet. As these areas are exposed to moisture and heat, the wooden cabinets would fade away and weaken with time. 

But in other spaces in the interior, solid wood is a great choice. Wooden cabinets and storage tables are solid and don’t break or damage easily in normal conditions. Laminates are reliable for all interior areas. Metal cabinets and storage items are durable too. 

5. Choose Between Drawers And Shelves: 

Only a few accent furniture with storage features both drawers and shelves. When you need to choose one of them, think which one would you prefer. 

If you need separate chambers for items, go for a cabinet with drawers. But if you need to keep linens, clothes, cutlery, books, or large items, you would prefer a storage furniture piece with shelves. Besides, deciding which look will match the interior. Shelves go with almost any interior. But drawers are much more formal. So, decide between the two carefully. 

Related Questions:

What Accent Furniture With Storage Can Save Space? 

Almost all accent furniture with storage can save up space in a room. As you can store items in the furniture and also get a countertop, you can save up pretty much space by arranging items properly. 

However, if you are looking for accent storage furniture that can be used for several purposes, then I have two options for you: 

1. Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage:

You can use this for dining and working as well as a coffee and center table. This storage furniture features hidden as well as open storage. This can save up space as it can replace a center table, working table, single dining table, and small storage furniture items.

2. Storage Ottoman:

An ottoman can replace a coffee table, seat, and be used as storage. This decorative storage furniture is excellent for saving up space as it can be used for different purposes. 

These two accent storage furniture items are the best for saving up some space in a room and keeping things arranged. You may also go for a tall accent cabinet to occupy only a little floor space. 

Which Accent Furniture With Storage Is Best For The Living Room? 

My all-time favorite furniture with storage for the living room is a storage ottoman or a storage coffee table. Both of these items save up space, look gorgeous and utilize the space in the living room in the best way possible. 

A storage ottoman or coffee table can be used for multiple usages in the living room. Replacing the center table not only saves space but also adds an extraordinary look to the living room. However, if you don’t want to replace your center table, you have to find a corner for the storage accent furniture. In that case, buy an accent cabinet with drawers or a 2-door system. Both are elegant and look glamorous in the living room corners. 

These are the best options for adding accent furniture with storage in the living room. 

Which Storage Accent Furniture Material Is Best In Bathrooms? 

Bathrooms are exposed to excessive moisture and water. Besides, soap scum and impurities can make the storage accent furniture dirty and greasy. This is why you need to select a material that is water-resistant and can be cleaned easily. 

Solid wood is not the right material for storage furniture in the bathroom. Woods are not water-resistant. They swell and the color fades away in contact with water. However, if you like the texture of wood, you can try the alternatives. 

The best materials for accent storage furniture in the bathroom are plywood, medium-density fiberboard, and laminate. All three materials are water-resistant as water can’t penetrate the surface. Though water and soap scum may leave stains on them, you can wipe them off easily. Maintaining these materials is easy. Also, they have outstanding decorative values.


I hope you have got a detailed idea of how you can decorate a room with accent furniture with storage. You have hands-on tips on how to select the right storage furniture and utilize it in the best way possible. 

Start searching for the ideal accent storage furniture today to embellish your home or office interior!

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