About Wilson C. Scully

The delicious cuisines all over Europe, Australia and Asia fascinated Wilson C. Scully from a young age. The fascination has not changed. Just with time, a little bit of experience was added to enrich his field of knowledge. Still he likes food as he liked when he was a child.

“I know how to cook many dishes from almost all over the world. But still I love the food my mom cooks”, Wilson C. Scully says with a smile while anyone asks him which dish is his favorite one.

Starting from Italian, Wilson C. Scully learned Chinese, Japanese, Malay and all types of western dishes. As a result, his thoughts have been growing towards keeping his own touch in writing. Thus the thought of a blog came to his mind. At first he started to write a blog with a few dishes. Then it has increased more and more day by day.

In his blogs, Wilson C. Scully’s shows the cuisines in detailed form. As a professional chef, Wilson C. Scully loves to brag about his problems he faced at many stages of his career. Like there are some differences among the styles of cooking shrimps in every country. Wilson C. Scully points out the differences so that a newbie can easily understand.

Besides, with many blogs, Wilson C. Scully also shows the pros and cons regarding health issues for a special dish. All dishes are not the same and all the same dishes cooked by different people do not taste the same – Wilson C. Scully will tell you all you need to know if you go through his blogs. Such precious information is very valuable for those who like to take care of their health. Everyday (thousands of people) follow Wilson C. Scully’s blog just to know which rich food can suit them best on this weekend.

Wilson C. Scully has also visited many countries to collect his awards and certifications as a professional chef from time to time. Whenever he visited a country, he tried to taste the foods and learn the best possible ways to cook the local dishes. The experiences he gathered are also described in his writing from time to time. The passion in his profession is admirable and can easily mesmerize the reader. 

If you like His blogs, then you must be a foodie or a chef-wannabe. Be sure, you have come to the right place for the right learning.