Accent Furniture Ideas: Secret Tips To Decorate Your Room

Accent Furniture Ideas

There are many different ways to decorate your space/rooms, but finding the right way and choosing the right ideas will give your space an outstanding look. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right accent furniture ideas for your space.

In this article, I’ll explain to you the reasons/purpose of the accent furniture ideas. The necessary things to consider and pick before you go for the right ideas for your space/rooms. These secret tips will help you to decorate your room nicely. 

At the end of my article, you’ll also get some unique DIY ideas to transform your room and give an aesthetic look. If you go through this article, you’ll have a clear idea about the modern accent furniture ideas that you can apply to your house and completely change the look. 

This article will also be fruitful for the beginners who are trying something new for their spaces. So, finish my entire article if you want to decorate your spaces nicely:

10 Accent Furniture Ideas For Your Bedroom:

Here I’ll provide you 10 really cool accent furniture ideas for your bedroom:

1. Design Your Wall:

Some people make a very common mistake by designing all four sides of the wall. It does not give the bedroom a unique look, rather the design makes it very common to notice the changes. You can add wallpapers, design, color to only one side of your bedroom wall to give an exciting look.

It is preferable to design the wall with different patterns, add some textures and colors. Make sure to choose the head side of the bed, which will give the room an interesting look. Some people also choose to paint their kids’ walls with different animations, cartoons as kids are very fond of such things. 

You can add murals, paint the walls with different color patterns to give your room an accent wall design. 

2. Add Small Decorating Accents:

When it comes to your bedroom, always try to add some decorative furniture to make it look more cozy and comfy. Some of the decorative accents you can add to your bedroom are fixtures, different types of lights, and a small table beside your bed to give an outstanding look.

You can add a small table beside your bed to keep the necessary stuff like your mobile phone, an alarm clock, books, and a table lamp. Sometimes, you want to read light reading books before you go to bed. You can keep the book right beside the small table and read before you sleep.

Table lamps are good accent furniture and a necessary one because sometimes you do not want to wake up your partner in the middle of the night by turning on the main light in your bedroom. You can put a small accent table lamp with dim lights to make your bedroom cozy and warm.

3. Add Paintings Behind Your Bed:

This is one of the classiest bedroom ideas in recent years. You can add different paintings behind your bed to give a sophisticated look. Your bedroom is the place where you want to feel comfortable at the end of the day. Try to add some peaceful paintings like mountains, rivers, views of the ocean, gardens, etc.

You can also add some family pictures behind your bed so that you feel good at the end of the day. Always try to add some wooden frame to hang your pictures, artwork, or paintings. Make sure the frame matches the color of other furniture in your bedroom. 

Choose the kind of paintings/artwork that will suit your personality, something that you are connected with. This will make the room look beautiful, also it will satisfy you in a spiritual way.

4. Use Of Lights For An Unique Vibe:

Decorate your rooms not only by adding accent furniture, but also try to create an ambiance by adding different lights in your bedroom. There are different types of light that you can add to decorate your bedroom, but make sure you do not end up using too many lights.

It is important to know the right use of lights to create an ambiance in your bedroom. You can add a string of lights behind your bed, or underneath the bed which will give a different vibe to your bedroom. You can also put chandeliers on top of the ceiling, which will give your room a very classy look. 

Some other lightings that can be added to create an ambiance are standing lamp posts beside your bed. You can also add some pendant lights, dim lights to make your room look cozy. There are also some ceiling fans with lights available in the market that can be added as well.

5. Add Small Plants/Flowers Beside Your Windows:

I would recommend this idea as the most important and valuable, as adding plants in your bedroom can make the space healthier. Adding little decorative plants beside your windows will boost the look of your bedroom. It is always healthy to add plants to your house which will make the room very lively.

It is very refreshing to see some plants/flowers in your bedroom. You can also add a bouquet of flowers beside your bed. Make sure whatever you add to bring a healthy and fresh look in your room, you water the plants every day. 

There are specific types of plants that are available to keep inside your living room, bedrooms. Do your research before you make a purchase because not all types of plants are suited to grow inside the house. Some of the plants need constant sunlight to grow. 

6. Add Accent Shelves To Keep Necessary Things:

Adding shelves beside your bed is a very interesting idea to keep the necessary stuff before going to sleep. This piece of accent furniture will help you keep out other furniture like a small table from your bedroom. 

It is recommended keeping the room tidy and spacious, by adding shelves behind your bed you can omit/remove unwanted furniture. It will also give the bedroom a unique look if you match the color of your shelves with your bed. 

If you add wallpapers behind your bed, match the shelves with your wallpaper so that it is visible and give you the extra look you need.

7. Keep An Accent Chair Beside Your Window:

Some people hesitate to keep chairs in their bedroom, but keeping an accent side chair beside your window will give the room a different look. The main objective is to make your bedroom a peaceful place, as this is the only place in the world where you feel comfortable. 

If you add an accent chair beside your window, not only will it give you a different look in your bedroom, it will help you relax as well. It is very peaceful to read a book beside the window when it is raining. You can also enjoy the weather by sitting beside the window with a cup of coffee. 

8. Add A Fireplace In Your Bedroom:

Well, if you are living somewhere where it is cold most of the year, adding a fireplace will help you stay warm. You can add a conventional fireplace for a different look or you can also add a decorative accent fireplace to give your room a vintage look.

Adding a fireplace will make your room very comfortable in the winter. It will help you stay warm and also give the room a very classy look as you see in the movies. It is always fascinating to keep your room warm and cozy in the winter. By adding a fireplace, it will help you serve both. 

9. Keep Extra Pillows, Blankets:

You can add some accent pillows and blankets to your bedroom with different patterns and designs for a warm and cozy look. There are many throw blankets that are available in the market to choose from and adding one of these will boost the look of your bedroom.

There are accent pillows available for decorative purposes and you can also lean on the accent pillows to read books in your bed. These accent pillows not only add different looks but also help you relax while you are watching television or reading a book.

10. Keep An Area Rug:

It is one of the most used accent furniture ideas that people seem to like. Keeping an area rug in your bedroom will add a more distinctive look and it has some benefits as well. There are different kinds of area rugs available in the market. You can choose one according to the size of your room. 

Area rugs will help you to keep your feet warm and before going to the bed you can always rub your feet. It gives your room a complete look and it also helps to reduce the noise in the house. Imagine anyone sleeping in the bed and you do not want to wake him/her by your footsteps.

Area rugs will give you the finished look in your bedroom and it will also help you to reduce the noise in the house. Place the rug in front of your bed and try to keep it simple. Go for a simple look with colors like dark brown or any color that matches the outlook of your bedroom.

5 Unique Accent Accessories To Decorate Your Space:

In order to decorate your space, you need some accessories to give a unique look to your bedroom/living room. Here are the 5 unique accent accessories that can be added to give a more sophisticated look.

1. Flower Vase:

You can always add a flower vase in your living room or in your bedroom to give an exciting look. There are many flower vases with different designs and materials that are available in the market.

You can also keep the vase without any flowers as well. The vase itself will give a unique and aesthetic look to your bedroom/living room.

2. Small Mirrors:

This is a very handy accent accessory that can be added to different rooms in the house for adding up extra lights. You can choose the shape of your mirror according to the size of your room.

You can also add a few mirrors together and group them on your wall for an exciting look. This is a very unique idea and not many people use them to decorate their house.

3. Decorative Trays:

In order to fill the gaps in your bedside table or on your shelves, you can add these unique accessories to give a completely different and aesthetic look. You can add decorative trays in your bedroom, dining room, and even in your living space. 

The trays will add a different texture to your room and you can also put your necessary things to make the most of it. You can put the trays beside your bedside table and put the lamp into it. The trays are very essential accessories and they can also hold a flower vase.

4. Candle Holders:

Candle holders are a very unique accessory that many people forget to use to decorate their rooms. You can put a candle holder inside your bedroom and light candles with different fragrances at night for a romantic time with your partner. 

You can also put them on your shelves, in your living room on top of the glass tables to bring an exciting look to your space. 

5. Picture Frames:

You can always add paintings, artwork, pictures to your wall, but choosing the right picture frame is very important. These are very unique accent accessories that most people tend to forget. There are different kinds of frames that are available in the market.

You can choose a wooden frame to add pictures, paintings to hang on your walls. There are also small frames available that can be put on your desks or can be put right beside your bed table. 

Some Related Questions:

How Can You Place An Accent Chair?

Even though accent chairs are used for decorative purposes, you can put them in a place where they can be used as well. In order to put on an accent chair, there are few things that you should consider and keep in mind. Accent chairs are the extra furniture that usually brings a different look. 

If your accent chair is in your bedroom, make sure to put the chair right beside the window. Keeping the chair close to your bed will narrow the space and it will ruin its beauty. If your accent chair is in your living room, place it right next to your coffee table.

You can also put the chair right next to the fireplace. Sometimes, it can also be placed in the corner of any room to fill up space and give an aesthetic look.

What Are The Most Common Accent Furniture Ideas For A Living Room?

There are actually many things to choose from to decorate your living room with accent furniture. Some of the most commonly used furniture is obviously the sofa/couch. You can also add side tables, area rugs, standing lamps, wooden shelves in your living room to fill the space and add an exciting look.

You can also decorate the living room with different wallpapers that contain attractive patterns to bring a different texture. Choose dark colors to paint the walls of your living room.

You can also add a bookshelf in your living room and paint the wall of that particular side with bright colors. It will make the room look more lively and exciting at the same time.

Final Verdict:

It is not always easy for anyone to pick the right designs and ideas to decorate the house. There are many ideas to choose from but picking the right one for your house to give an outstanding look is important.

I hope my suggestions and information regarding accent furniture ideas will help you choosing/picking the exact one you are looking for. If you find this article informative enough, share the ideas with your friends. 

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