Ottoman Ideas For Living Room: Apply To Get The Perfect Look

Ottoman Ideas For Living Room

The Ottoman has become a modern necessity when it has been there for ages. Nowadays, ottomans are not only used for sitting or resting your feet but also as a coffee table and storage. Besides its multi-functionality, the stunning designs, colors, and materials add decorative value to a place. 

While ottomans can be fitted in any type of interior, it is most commonly used in the living room. It can be used as an extra seat, a coffee table, resting, and even for storing papers, clothes, stationery, etc. An elegant look is offered by an ottoman and even a small living room would look outstanding with it. Similarly, big living rooms can effortlessly accommodate an ottoman and double the beauty. 

To use an ottoman in your living room, you have to have ideas of how to do it. If you are new with this or looking for a change, I got you. I am going to present some exclusive ottoman ideas for the living room to help you make the best use of it. So, let’s get started: 

5 Stylish Ottoman Ideas For Your Living Room: 

To style your living room with an ottoman, you need to learn several factors and know about different types of ottomans. But I will go to that part later. First, let me discuss some basic ideas to use an ottoman in your living room. 

Different types of ottomans serve different purposes and they have distinct designs and models. Let’s start with the 5 different types of ottoman designs that can add decorative value to your living room as well as help you to do different tasks with just an ottoman:

1. Tufted Ottomans For A Spacious Look:

Tufted ottomans are super comfy because of the foams and paddings that make them soft and spongy. Though the top looks hard, sitting on it is blissful and relaxing. You can either keep it at the centre of the room as a centre table or keep it in a corner with some cushions to use as a mini sofa. 

As tufted ottomans have a cover of fabric, you can get basic colours and printed designs with a variety of colours. Try to make a contrast of colour with the sofa or choose a similar shade for a decent look. Leather tufted ottomans are available too. 

If you keep the tufted ottoman at the centre, you can use it as a coffee table too. Some come with lids to use as storage. The fact that tufted ottomans can be used flexibly makes it more suitable to create a friendly and cosy environment in the living room. 

But the best part is, the tufted design makes your living room look spacious. Even a small room can fit an ottoman and it can serve different purposes. And a large tufted ottoman in a big living room would enhance the elegance and beauty of the room.

2. Storage Ottomans For Space Management:

Another excellent idea to decorate your living room as well as save up some space is to get an ottoman with storage. Ottomans with storage usually have hidden compartments so that guests don’t realize that it has storage. It may have a lid on it which appears like a cushion. However, some have drawers too. 

If you are someone who scatters magazines, papers, and random stuff here and there, storage ottomans can help you. Most storage ottomans can be used for sitting and as a coffee table too. With that, you get a space to fill with things. It significantly saves up space in the living room. 

Whatever is scattered in the room, just throw them in the ottoman storage and get a neat living room in minutes. And also serve coffee on the ottoman and offer your guests to sit on it. All these tasks are accomplished with one storage ottoman in the room. Sounds amazing, right?

3. Glider Ottomans For Comfort And Luxury:

If luxury and comfort are your priorities and you have enough space in your living room, a glider ottoman is the best option. You can add a cosy and friendly vibe to the room by adding glider ottomans to the sofa or couch. Some also put them beside the bed for relaxing when they don’t really want to rest on the bed. 

Glider ottomans are made of soft fabric, or leather and added to the sofa for foot resting. It is an amenity offering relaxation and comfort. You can rest your feet as well as keep your coffee tray or books when you are chilling on your couch. Adding it to your living room immediately makes guests comfortable and can be great for friends’ hangouts and Sunday parties. 

Besides a super comfy vibe, it also looks luxurious in your living room. Where there is such a smart way of offering comfort to your guests, it is pretty luxurious as well, isn’t it? 

4. Ottoman Coffee Tables To Replace Center Tables:

Having an ottoman, coffee table, and couch in the living room can be clumsy and overcrowd the room. To solve this issue and keep the room neat and airy, you can choose an ottoman coffee table. 

Ottoman coffee tables have flat tops with a basement or storage. Some may have cushions on them or others have fabric or leather tops. Almost all ottomans with a flat top can be used as a coffee table if the material can withstand heat. 

Having an ottoman coffee table instead of a centre table gives a style statement. It is a smart way of utilizing space and looks outstanding. Also, you can use the same coffee table ottoman for resting, sitting, and storage. Especially when a variety of design and colour options are there, you should consider replacing your centre table with an ottoman coffee table that matches your sofa set or couch to enhance the look. 

5. Pouf Ottoman For Coziness:

Though pouffes ottomans offer few functions, it is a minimalist way of adding an extra seat to your living room. Also, the vibrant and groovy design and colours pop up the beauty and mood of the room. It gives a feeling of cosiness, comfort, and ease to you as well as to your guests. 

Pouffe ottomans are small and circular or oval. They look like a ball made of fabric on which you can sit comfortably and rest too. Some add knitted covers too for decoration. You can either keep it in front of the couch or at a corner so that anyone can go and sit there. 

This small addition to your living room offers excellent decorative value, creates a good mood, and gives a cosy vibe. 

5 Factors To Consider To Decide Ottoman Ideas For Living Room:

To make the best use of ottomans and add decorative value to the living room, you have to choose the ottoman carefully. Different interiors demand different ottomans. You have to pick the one that nicely blends with the living room decoration and matches your taste. 

To handpick the best ottoman for styling your living room, you have to consider 5 basic factors to understand the compatibility of the ottoman with your living room decoration. Here are the 5 factors:

1. Material:

Ottomans are made with different materials. The material and crafting largely impact how the ottoman would look. The material decides the design of the ottoman too. And not all materials would go with the interior or sofa set of the living room. 

The common materials for ottomans are:

  • Fabric,
  • Leather,
  • Rattan,
  • Suede and
  • Velvet.

All these materials have different textures and look. They are unique and stunning but you must match the material with the surrounding furniture items too. 

If you have a wooden sofa set with fabric cushions, go for a fabric ottoman. If the sofa is made of suede, you must choose an ottoman made of either suede or velvet. If you have a luxurious leather or rexine sofa or couch, go for a leather ottoman. 

All in all, match the ottoman material with the sofa set or couch in the living room as you are most likely to keep it at the centre. If the materials don’t harmonize, the entire beauty of the room would be distorted and it would look odd. 

2. Color:

Harmonizing the colour of the ottoman with the surrounding is another important aspect to notice and it completely depends on your choice. You can play with the colour combinations but make sure that it doesn’t look clumsy. 

There are three common combinations that you can experiment with while exploring the ottoman ideas for the living room. Let me point out these options:

  • Matching With The Sofa: The very first combination is to buy an ottoman that has the same colour as the sofa. An off-white ottoman would blend perfectly with a white sofa set. Similarly, any colour that completely matches or only slightly differs from the colour of the sofa set can be chosen. This combination gives a soothing, elegant, and calming environment and decoration to the living room. 
  • Contrast With The Sofa: To make the ottoman a focus, you can use colour contrasts with the sofa set or couch. If the sofa set is white, put a black, brown, red, or yellow ottoman at the centre or vice versa. When you decide on a contrast, consider the colour of the walls and interior too. If you put an orange-tinted ottoman in a room where all the furniture and walls are brown, it would look odd. So, decide on contrasts carefully. 
  • Colourful Combinations: If you want to give a very casual and groovy look to your living room, go for vibrant colours. You can buy an orange-coloured ottoman with a green-coloured sofa. You can experiment with a combination of blue and yellow. Such funky colour combinations give a lively look and lift one’s mood. 

3. Design And Shape:

Design and shape of the ottoman matter a lot when you need to harmonize it with the other furniture items in the living room. Especially when you contrast it with the sofa set, be careful about the design and shape. 

If you have a printed or checked sofa set, don’t buy a printed or heavily designed ottoman as it would give a very ungraceful and inelegant look. If the sofa has prints and patterns on it, go for a basic coloured and plain ottoman to maintain harmony. Similarly, you can go for a designed ottoman if the sofa set is simple. 

The shape of the ottoman is another factor to consider. A rectangular sofa set would match well with a square or circular ottoman. If you have separate couches in the room, a rectangular ottoman would work. So, decide the shape of the ottoman so that it blends well with the seating arrangement. 

4. Space:

How much space do you have in the living room? Where are you going to put the ottoman? Would the room look overstuffed with an ottoman in the living room? These are the questions that you must think of before buying an ottoman. 

If the living room is small, you should have an ottoman that works as a coffee table, seat, and storage so that you can replace the other furniture items. The size has to be small so that it fits well in the room. 

If the room is large, consider having a large tufted or flat-top ottoman to use as a coffee table and seat. The size has to be compatible with the sofa set. 

Also, you have to decide where you are going to keep it. Only then you can utilize the space and understand what size you should buy. 

5. Purpose: 

The purpose of buying an ottoman should be decided prior. You may need an ottoman to replace the centre table or maybe you need storage to minimize the space in the living room. Or maybe you need an extra seat in your room. 

If you just need an extra seat, you can buy a pouffe ottoman. Otherwise, you can buy a storage ottoman. Or if you want to replace your coffee table, you should go for a coffee table ottoman. If you want all the benefits, you need to buy an ottoman with storage and a seat, and use it as a coffee table too. 

Decide the purpose of buying an ottoman and then select the one you like. Only then you can make maximum use of it in the living room. 

Related Questions:

How To Get Ottoman Ideas As A Side Table In The Living Room? 

Ottomans can be used as a side table and add decorative value to your living room. Not only does it work as a centre table or storage in the living room, but you can utilize it as a side table too. 

You can place a pouffe ottoman at one corner of the sofa and put a flower vase on it. A finely knitted pouffe cover that has a vibrant colour with a lamp just above it would look lively and beautiful in your living room. Also, when needed, you can use it for sitting too. 

Similarly, you can place a small circular or square ottoman at the corner of the room to add decorative value. Ottomans with drawers can be kept at one side to use as storage and to keep showpieces or vases on them. 

You can use an ottoman in a way you like and one of the unique uses of it would be to use it as a side table and give a cosy and lively vibe in the living room.

How Do You Style An Ottoman In A Living Room?

You can decorate an ottoman in the living room in various ways. While the uses are versatile, you can create different style statements with an ottoman. This is because ottomans are available in a variety of designs, colours, and models. 

Here are some innovative decoration ideas you can follow to style an ottoman in your living room:

  • You can add a colourful ottoman in a living room with a monotonous colour tone. A living room with furniture that is all white or brown can be decorated with a colourful ottoman. 
  • Use an ottoman as a side table with a flower vase on it to adorn your room. This is a simple way of decoration that can add an aesthetic value. 
  • To decorate a small living room, a leather or fabric ottoman coffee table would be a great addition. It would look stunning with the sofa and also serve different purposes. 
  • A glider ottoman would give a luxurious and posh vibe to your living room. It is a sign of comfort and relaxation that not only lets you chill but also creates a cosy vibe in the room. 
  • To fill up a space productively, you can use an ottoman. It not only fills the space but serves purposes as well as makes your living room more elegant and vibrant. 

How Much Do Different Types of Living Room Ottomans Cost?

You can install different types of ottomans in your living rooms depending on the material you choose. Here, I am going to make a table that will give you an idea about the cost of different designs of ottomans for the living room:

Material Of OttomanAverage Price Range
Tufted Ottomans $200- $500
Storage Ottomans$250- $600
Glider Ottomans$250- $750
Ottoman Coffee Tables $190- $350
Pouf Ottoman$70- $150


I have mentioned various factors that you can think of to add decorative value as well as make uses out of an ottoman. You can create style statements and liven up the living room with different ottoman ideas. Just take care of the compatibility of the ottoman with the interior and you are ready to go. 

So, which ottoman idea are you going to pick up for your living room?

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