Ottoman Coffee Table: A Detailed Guide With Pricing


Home decoration is an art that not only makes the interior look stunning but also maximizes the overall usability. A house that has all the amenities organized and ready is a home of peace and comfort, isn’t it? And if the furniture items are not compatible and comfortable with your lifestyle, then there is no point in the home decor. 

Many people have small houses and cramming up rooms with furniture is not their choice. Even people having big houses also want to save space but maximize usability. For those people who want to adorn their house minimally but require all the facilities, an ottoman coffee table is a must-have furniture item.

However, you must know everything about its functions, benefits, and uses before buying to make the best use of it. 10 years of experience in this field allow me to assist you properly.

This article is for those who want phenomenal decor with an ottoman coffee table and want to learn in detail about it. So, stay with me and explore the various aspects of the ottoman coffee table:

How To Choose An Ottoman Coffee Table? (5 Factors To Consider)

It is important to consider certain factors before you choose an ottoman coffee table. As a lot of options are available, you have to be selective and particular. And to make the right decision, you need to look into some factors. 

In my opinion, the following five points should be considered when choosing an ottoman coffee table:

1. Purpose:

Why do you need to buy an ottoman? What is the use of it at your home? You have to get the answer to this and find the purpose of having an ottoman. 

Some people buy an ottoman to add an extra seat in your living room. Others buy it to get a storage system and make the maximum use of space. Other people are eager to have an ottoman to use for sitting, resting, as well as a coffee table. Also, some people want all the benefits of a single ottoman. And thankfully, you would get different ottomans serving your purpose. 

So when you decide the purpose of having an ottoman, it becomes easier to choose one. Shortlist the ottomans that would serve your purpose and then look into the other factors. 

2. Size:

How much space is there in your room to keep an ottoman? If you buy a large ottoman and it occupies 1/3rd space of the entire room, it would cram up the room and look clumsy. 

Remember that an ottoman is an extra furniture in a room that intends to minimize space and serve multiple purposes. If it takes up extra space in a room, there is no point in having one. 

So, decide on a space where you want to fit the ottoman and then go for buying one. Choose a size that looks decent in the room and minimizes space, not overcrowding the room. 

3. Design And Shape:

If you have an idea of interior designing, you would realize that the furniture in a room should harmonize with each other. The design and shape of the ottoman, therefore, matter while choosing an ottoman. 

If the sofas and cupboards in a room are rectangular in shape, an oval ottoman would look odd but a square or circular ottoman would blend well. Similarly, if all the sofas are made of fabrics or velvet, you shouldn’t put a leather ottoman at the centre. You must keep a fabric or suede ottoman instead. 

Likewise, a rattan ottoman in the balcony may suit well but if you keep it in a room stuffed with leather furniture items, it would destroy the elegance and beauty of the room. 

This is why you must define the shape and design of the ottoman coffee table to harmonize it with the interior. 

4. Durability And Weight:

Do you want to fix the ottoman at the centre of your living room or need to move it to another room? If yes, then you should look for a lightweight ottoman. Ottomans made of fabric or suede or rattan are generally lightweight while leather and velvet ottomans are bulky. 

If you want an ottoman with storage, the base has to be strong and durable. If you want it as a coffee table, make sure that the material can withstand heat and can be cleaned easily in case of a food or beverage spill. So, understand the compatibility and durability of the ottoman to have it. 

5. Budget:

Ottomans are available at as cheap as $50 and can go up to $300 too. So, you can decide the aforementioned factors first and then fix a budget. You can slightly change it if you get a good quality ottoman, but try not to invest too much in it. 

Research well before you buy an ottoman so that you can compare prices and pick the budget-friendly one. Go for online shopping if you want multiple options.

5 Types Of Material Used To Make Ottoman Coffee Table:

Before you buy or decide which ottoman is perfect for you, it is important to learn what ottomans are made of. It would help you decide which material is best for using on the ottoman. Let me tell you the 5 types of material that are used to manufacture different ottomans coffee tables:

1. Leather:

Leather upholstery on an ottoman looks elegant and classy. A leather ottoman in the middle of the living room can become the centre of attraction as well as beautify the room. 

A small leather ottoman can be used as storage, for relaxing, sitting, or keeping your feet on, and also as a coffee table. A flat leather surface can be used as a table and this versatility of application makes it a great choice. 

But be aware of burning the leather. Always place a coffee cup on a tray. Also, clean the leather ottoman with a leather conditioner to keep the surface shiny and increase its life. 

2. Suede:

Suede leather is a soft and feathery material that is used commonly to make ottomans. It can come with or without storage and may or may not have a stand. 

A suede ottoman is an excellent addition to your home when it comes to multi-functionality, decoration, and maintaining it. You need to clean it frequently as they grab dirt and pollution easily. 

3. Velvet:

A velvety ottoman is so comfortable to use and gives warmth. You also get a lot of colour options in velvet ottomans. However, most velvet ottomans have carvings and designs without storage that doesn’t make it the best option for using it as a coffee table. 

You can customize the ottoman and let the manufacturer make it as your preference for using it as a coffee table. 

4. Rattan:

People who love minimalist and simple designs should go for rattan ottomans. Rattan is a woven substance that looks elegant and sophisticated. Rattan ottomans are strong and durable and you can put a cushion on them to sit or rest your feet on. 

Rattan ottomans may not be the best option for using as a coffee table. 

5. Fabric:

Fabric ottomans are commonly found in different colours and designs. Also, they go with almost any type of home decor as the options are wide and versatile. 

If you choose carefully, fabric ottomans are excellent for storage, sitting, resting, and as a coffee table. They are commonly used in the living room, bedroom as well as balcony for multiple purposes. 

Remember that ottomans are available in different shapes as well so that you can buy one that fits the space you have and goes with the interior. The available shapes of ottomans that are available are:

  • Square,
  • Rectangular,
  • Circular,
  • Oval.

Ottoman is truly a versatile furniture item serving different purposes. According to the purposes, different designs of ottomans have come up. The designs are unique and using them would be fun as you can use them anywhere at the home for a variety of purposes. 

Let me tell you the 5 common designs of ottomans:

1. Tufted Ottomans:

Tufted ottomans are colourful and beautify the home decoration. They are good to sit or rest on and can be used as a coffee table too. They may or may not have the facility of storage depending on the model you are choosing. 

Tufted ottomans are mostly made of high-quality fabric and the tufted design makes them durable and tough. They can be kept anywhere from the living to an office room, wherever you need extra amenities for sitting as well as serving snacks. 

A tufted ottoman is really a vibrant and stylish choice that can add a spark to a room. 

2. Ottoman With Storage System:

Some ottomans have storage systems and having them at your home would help you save some space. Now, the storage ottomans have different designs that we will discuss later. 

Having an ottoman with a storage system is beneficial for small houses and a minimalist way of decorating a room. Put a stylish ottoman in one corner and use the storage to keep all the extra things in the room in it like newspaper, toys, magazine, power bank, charger, bottles, etc. Fill the storage and then sit on it or use it as a coffee table. 

So, storage ottoman not only saves space and gives storage, it is suitable for sitting too and can be a great addition to your home or office. 

3. Smooth Ottoman:

Smooth ottomans have a flat top with no extra design. It is the classic ottoman available in the market that has a solid and compact structure. The smooth and velvety top actually looks classy and elegant in a room and these ottomans are mainly used for sitting. 

Smooth ottomans are made of compact sponges making them soft with a hard base for supporting the frame. These ottomans may or may not have storage. You can keep trays of snacks and beverages on them too if the size is big enough and the top doesn’t burn. 

4. Glider Ottoman:

This is an exclusive ottoman mostly bought for comfort and ease. These ottomans don’t come alone but are attached to a glider or rocking chair so that they move along with the glider. 

Glider ottoman is not for guests or outsiders and mainly for personal usages. You may read a book and keep a tray of snacks and coffee on the ottoman. Or you may keep some books or papers that you need regularly. Basically, it would facilitate the activities of the person sitting on the glider. 

Having a glider ottoman in the bedroom can be a good idea if you do your work sitting on a glider and need your things arranged in the same place. 

5. Cocktail Ottoman:

Cocktail ottomans are suitable for almost all purposes. They have a bulky shape with a firm and thick layer of inner padding and foams. You can easily use it as a centre table in the living and serve food and beverages on it. When needed, you can use it for sitting and resting your feet too. 

Cocktail ottomans may or may not have storage systems. But these ottomans are durable and suitable for multiple purposes. The solid and luxurious look of the velvety cocktail ottoman beautifies a room becoming the centre of attraction. It adds a cozy and comfy vibe to the room. Needless to say, you can use it in your bedroom, office room, or on the balcony too. 

You can check out the different designs and then choose which one would be the best option for your interior and serve the purpose. 

3 Types Of Ottoman Coffee Table With Storage

We have learned that almost any ottoman with a flat top can be used as a coffee table. You just need to be cautious so that you don’t burn or spill anything on the ottoman. 

Now, let us briefly learn about the storage options that are available in ottoman coffee tables. You can get three types of storage facilities and you may like the one that goes with your interior and taste. 

Let us look into these three storage options:

1. Drawer:

My favourite type of ottoman is the one with a drawer system and a cushion on the top. Drawers help you keep things organized with the top part can be used for sitting as well as a coffee table. 

Drawer storage ottomans are made of wood and look excellent in a room. They are durable too. This storage cum sitting and serving ottoman is a smart addition to your home. 

2. With A Lid:

Another minimalist and space-saving amenity is the ottoman with a lid. It comes with a separate lid, which is mostly a cushion, that goes over the storage. The ottoman is hollow in the middle and you keep items there and close the lid. 

Once the lid is closed, no one can even trace that it has storage. You can then use it for sitting or serving food and beverages. These lightweight and portable ottomans are good for multi-purpose usages. 

3. Nesting Ottoman:

Nesting ottoman is an uncommon option but can be useful too. Nesting ottomans come with one small and one bigger ottoman attached together. This improves the functionality of the ottomans and you can use it for storage, sitting, resting, as well as a coffee table.

Nesting ottomans can add decorative value in your living room but would occupy a larger space than the other ottomans.

Related Questions:

Can An Ottoman Replace A Coffee Table?

Ottoman is popular for its multi-functionality and versatility. Though it is commonly used for sitting and resting your feet, you can use it as a coffee table too if the upper portion of the table is flat and the material can withstand mere heat. 

Many ottomans are designed in a way to use as a coffee table. These ottomans have a flat and heat-resistant top with or without storage. These are generally matched with a sofa set or couch so that they can be used as a multi-purpose table. 

An ottoman as a coffee table has to be lower in height than the couch or sofa you are using. It would then work as a coffee table or centre table. So, yes, it is very easy to replace a coffee table with an ottoman. In fact, it is beneficial to do so as you can also use the same ottoman for storage and sitting as well. 

Therefore, it is a pretty good idea to replace a coffee table with an ottoman so that you can use it not only for keeping your coffee cup but also for resting and storage. 

Does An Ottoman Coffee Table Have To Match With The Couch Or Sofa?

It is necessary that you buy an ottoman that harmonizes with the interior. Depending on where you place it, you have to match the ottoman with the surrounding furniture items. Matching the ottoman means you have to consider the colour, shape, and material of the ottoman. 

Harmonizing the ottoman does not really mean that you have to buy a specific colour that matches the sofa. You can create a contrast of dark and light shade too. 

When it comes to the shape, consider the structure of the couch or sofa. If you place the ottoman in the centre of the living room, you have to match the shape of it with the sofa set, chairs, and furniture items around. Also, the height of the ottoman has to be lower than the sofa to make it look compatible and decent. 

Another factor to match is the material of the ottoman. You can’t keep a leather ottoman with a fabric sofa set but a fabric or suede ottoman will do. Match the ottoman material carefully to the sofa set. 

Therefore, if you want to add value and beauty to your room, you must match the colour (can be a contrast), shape, and material of the ottoman to the sofa set or couch. 

What Is The Standard Size Of An Ottoman Coffee Table?

Mentioning a specific size of the ottoman is a difficult task as there is no standard size as such. As ottomans are available in different sizes and shapes that are compatible with versatile interiors, stating a specific size can be difficult. 

However, I can mention the common sizes of different ottoman shapes that are available in the market. Here is a table to mention the standard sizes of various ottomans:

Ottoman ShapeStandard Size (Inches Height x Width x Depth)
Rectangular16.5x 27.75x 17
Square15x 23.5x 21.5
Circular15x 36 (diameter) x 36 (diameter)

Remember that these are the common sizes that are available in the market. You can get other options too and even customize the size according to your demand. However, always try to harmonize the size of the ottoman with its surrounding furniture items to enhance the value and look of the interior.

How Much Does an Ottoman Coffee Table Cost? (With The Price Chart)

Here I am going to make a table that will give you an idea of how much do different materials-made ottoman coffee table costs:

Material Of OttomanAverage Price Range
Leather$130- $200
Suede$90- $ 120
Rattan$50- $100
Fabric$70- $120
Velvet$70- $120


I have provided you with a complete guide and information that you needed to know before deciding or buying an ottoman. Considering the versatility, decorative value, and multi-functionality, an ottoman coffee table would be a valuable addition to your home or office. You just need to pick the best one. 

Check the factors mentioned above and start searching for the best ottoman coffee tables to embellish your house or office space and leave your guests in awe.

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