Ottoman Bench For Bedroom: Everything You Should Know


If you are one of the people who love to decorate their houses with simple yet elegant furniture, you need to know everything about ottoman benches. The end of bed benches are very useful and it gives a very sophisticated look to your bedroom. However, picking the right kind of Ottoman Bench for your bedroom is very important.

In this article, I will provide you with all the necessary information about Ottoman Benches. Although a lot of information is available online regarding the Ottoman Benches, you need an expert’s guideline to pick the right bench for your bedroom.

If you are interested in learning and knowing more about the Ottoman Benches, this article is just perfect for you. Because here you’ll get all the basic information and types about the end of bed benches, to help you decide to choose the perfect one for your bedroom.

So, let’s start our in-depth discussion about Ottoman Bench for your bedroom:

How To Choose An Ottoman Bench For Your Bedroom? (Basic 3 Factors)

There are plenty of Ottoman benches available in both furniture shops and online. A general guidance is essential for you to pick the right ottoman benches for your bedroom

Here are the basic 3 factors that will help you to choose an Ottoman Bench for your bedroom:

1. Choose The Right Structure And Shape Of Ottoman Benches:

Ottoman benches are the extra-furniture that are used for multi purposes as well as to decorate to give your room an antique and vintage look. This useful piece of furniture is kept to add that extra space in your bedroom. However, you can keep and store necessary equipments, use the bench as a tool, rest your feet and relax after a long hard day of work

There are different shapes of Ottoman benches that are available in the market. Usually, for a bedroom purpose it is wise to choose the rectangular or square shaped ottoman benches. Round Ottoman benches are mostly used in the living room areas as an alternative to coffee tables.

For your bedroom, you should definitely go for a structure which will match the height of your bed. Whether you have a king-sized bed or a queen-sized bed, it is wise to go for the square shaped ottoman or the rectangular shaped ottoman bench.These types of Ottoman benches are best suited for your bed as it also fills up the space.

2. Picking The Right Type Of Ottoman Benches: 

Apart from the shape and structure, there are many different types of Ottoman benches that you can find in the market. It is very essential to pick the right type of Ottoman benches. The fabric and the material of your ottoman benches is a key factor you should always consider before buying.

In terms of fabric, there are usually 3 types of Ottoman benches:

  • Leather 
  • Vinyl
  • Microfiber

The leather ones are usually very long-lasting, but there is a downside of using a leather fabric ottoman. It is very difficult to maintain and clean as leather is very vulnerable and to stains, greases, oil etc. Vinyl fabric and microfibers are very affordable compared to leather and are very easy to clean and maintain.

The most common types of Ottoman benches for your bedrooms are:

  • Traditional Benches
  • Storage Benches
  • Upholstered Benches

Even though most people find traditional benches out of fashion, it comes very handy in your bedroom. This type of bench is very simple and is only kept to relax your feet. For a multi purpose usage, you should definitely go for a storage ottoman.

You can keep the necessary equipment as well as use the bench to sit down and relax. Upholstered benches are very classy and give the bedroom a very sophisticated and vintage look which is always a very good option.

3. Choose The Right Color For Your Ottoman Benches:  

Color is a very important factor as it brings a very significant change to your decor. It is not necessary to always match the color of every piece of furniture in your bedroom. A decent color contrast between your bed and ottoman bench can make a very stunning difference.

If you want to make your new accent furniture stand out from the rest of the furniture in your room, go for a unique color and pattern. You always have the option of changing the fabric of your Ottoman, but you can not change the material of your Ottoman. 

If you want to go for a traditional look, wooden color benches will be the right choice. Always try to innovate and bring new ideas to change the fabric types and color of your Ottoman to give new exciting looks. Experiment as much as you want with the colors to finally pick the right contrast for your room.

5 Benefits Of Using An Ottoman Bench For Bedrooms:

Ottoman Benches are not only used to fill up the empty spaces in your bedroom or used just for decoration. If you can utilize your ottoman bench and know the right usage of it, you will be hugely benefited and is worth every penny of it. 

Let us find out the 5 best benefits of using an ottoman bench for bedrooms that will help you to make the most of your Ottoman Bench

1. Use The Bench For Sitting Purposes:

Ottoman benches are portable and can always be moved from one place to another with ease. You can make your room spacious by removing the extra chairs off your room. You can use the bedroom bench to sit down and relax as well. After a long hard day’s work, it is always pleasant to sit by the window with a cup of coffee in your hand.

You can place your Ottoman bench by the window, read books and enjoy rain or good weather. However, the bed benches do not usually provide any back or armrest. You can place it adjacent to the wall to get that back support. You can also place the bench in front of your television or dressing table.

2. Store Your Necessary Items And Equipments:

You can easily keep and store a lot of household items and equipment inside a storage ottoman. This is also a good hidden space to keep all the unnecessary items and important things from your children as well. A storage ottoman comes with a good amount of space, it is recommended to use the space and make the most of it.

Another interesting fact is, you can also keep your blankets in a storage ottoman. There are many things in your bedroom which make the space very cluttered. Ottoman benches will relieve you from such discomfort and make your room tidy.

You can also use your bench to stack your shoes and also use it while you wear a shoe.

Some of the ottoman benches have shelves too, where you can keep your books and other important things like office documents and files. It comes very handy for women to keep their purses. If you have a small baby, you can also keep the baby items and necessary things inside the ottoman storage.

3. Relax Your Feet And Chill:

Mostly Ottoman benches are used to rest your feet and relax while watching television or hanging out with your family or friends. It will give you a more calming and soothing experience, if you can find a good fabric for your ottoman bench.

It has some health benefits too,relaxing your feet on the bench will help you with  body posture. If you place your feet right on the bench, it will relieve your back pain and other physical shortcomings. SInce the ottoman benches are portable, you can always pull it to any corner of the room, rest your back and relax.

4. Compliments Other Décor:

This small yet elegant furniture compliments the other decor of your room. The structure and shape of an Ottoman bench gives an amazing look to your house. Placing it in front of your bed or any furniture will give the space an aesthetic look. This is such useful and eye-catching furniture which can be placed in any corner of the house and yet look beautiful.

If you pick the right fabric and color of this classy movable, it will bring a whole new dynamic to your room. Ottoman benches are also very alluring and captivating, you can use it both formally and casually. 

5. Can Be Used To Decorate Your Room:

You can also use your ottoman bench to decorate your bedroom. This movable can be used to put flower vases,use it as an entryway bench, or to stack your pillows in an organized way. When you are not using it as a bed bench, an ottoman bench can be used to even keep your decorative items and rearrange the look of your room. 

This all in one furniture can also be used to play chess and other indoor games with your friends. Your children can also use an ottoman to study, read books and watch television. At times you can also use the bench as a nightstand and keep your accessories, keys and mobile phones. If not used as a bed bench, you can use it to keep your table lamps as well.

Some Related Questions:

What Is The Best Height Of An Ottoman Bench?

It is very important to match the height of your ottoman bench with your bed. The height should not be parallel to your bed. The best and standard height of an ottoman bench depends on the size of your bed.

It starts from 12” to 35 inches. Always pick your ottoman bench according to the width and height of your bed. It is also essential to measure the width of your bed before buying an ottoman, otherwise the two will look very disproportionate.

Do All Ottoman Benches Have Storage?

All Ottoman benches can be used for the same purpose to rest your feet, sit, relax etc. But not all ottoman benches have the extra storage to store your equipment and materials.

Ottomans with storage and spaces are called Storage ottomans. There are wooden and upholstered ottomans that are aesthetically beautiful and well structured as well, but do not provide the extra space. 

Are Ottoman Benches Comfortable?

Yes, Ottoman benches are very comfortable and if you find the right fabric for your ottoman then you can experience a heavenly feeling.

It is a very comfortable place to relax at the end of the day. Your ottoman benches will be more comfy, if you put silky pillows and furry covers. It is always fascinating to rub your feet in a comfy fabric and material while watching television or enjoying the weather.

Can you Sleep On An Ottoman Bench?

Well, the ottoman benches that are used in the bedroom are usually small in size for the purpose of resting feet. However, there are some folding ottoman benches that come in a decent size and can be used for sleeping as well.

It is highly recommended not laying your back on an ottoman bench that is used in the bedroom. They are small in size and it will not even fit your whole body which can result in an accidental muscle pull.

What Is The Average Price Of An Ottoman Bench For Bedrooms?

It all depends on the kind of ottoman bench you are looking for. As I have already discussed, there are different types of ottoman benches built with different materials and fabrics.

A decent ottoman bench will cost you around $350-$500 dollars. Although the price starts from $200 dollars and it can go as high upto $2500 dollars depending on the material, designer and the brand.

Final Verdict:

By now you should definitely have a clear idea about the ottoman bench for bedrooms. I have provided you with many detailed and important information about the bedroom benches.

So, I hope this article will benefit you to pick and choose an ottoman bench for your bedroom. Be careful to pick the right shape and size and experience your living in a whole different way. If you find this article informative, feel free to share it with others.

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