What Kind Of Food Items You Can Prepare With A Grill?

What Kind Of Food Items You Can Prepare With A Grill

Cooking is not just a medium to prepare food but also the way to create an artwork.

Grilling can be a great way to have fun and, at the same time, make culinary arts. By using a grill, you can prepare many kinds of food items. It is a style of cooking in which the cook elevates the taste of the meal to a new level of creative expression.

Many of you ask or want to know what kind of food items you can prepare with a grill. Well, the answer is a lot! You can make many kinds of food items using a grill. But some basic food items are used, such as beef, chicken, and vegetables.

In the following article, I will discuss what kind of food items you can prepare with a grill with these basic ingredients in a briefly detailed manner.

1. Beef Steak

Steak is one of the most loved dishes of cuisine enthusiasts.  There will be hardly anyone who does not love a tasty steak. The food items you can prepare with a grill have many varieties in them but among them all, beefsteak is the most popular around the world. 

To try this amazing dish, you need to know how to make it using a grill.

Here I am showing the steps to make a steak –

  • Prepare your ingredients:

The first step is to prepare the ingredients that you are going to need to make the perfect desired beef steak. For example, the spices you are going to use in the steak will need to prepare them beforehand. You will also need to make sure there are necessary utensils at your arms’ length so that you don’t need to rush to somewhere else while cooking.

  • Prepare Your Grill:

Prepare the grill by heating up the charcoal and buttering your grill.

Before starting to cook anything, there are many steps to be followed in order to make the perfect steak.

-First of all, you need to collect the charcoal and fire it up. 

-After that, you will need to butter the grill so that the meat doesn’t stick to the grilling pan. 

– You will also need to heat the charcoals before starting to cook.

– Make sure to leave room for air circulation to keep the heat in balance.

  • Seasoning:

Seasoning your steak properly is the most crucial and vital task. The taste of the meat or the taste of the steak you must need to season the meat.

Seasoning is a process where you put various spices of your desire or even just salt and pepper to enhance the meats’ flavor. Without proper spice and seasoning, the steak would just taste bland. 

  • Changing Sides Of The Steak:

The meat needs to get heat evenly and adequately. The meat needs to get its’ sides changed from time to time. 

To get the meat done nicely, you need to change the sides to distribute the heat thoroughly. Changing the sides will let the heat spread evenly, and the meat will be done evenly. 

If you don’t change the sides religiously, then the meat can get burnt and charry on one side and undone on the other side. 

  • Serving The Steak:

After getting done with the cooking procedure, you need to take the barbeque out of the grill.

Take a board and a knife. Then take the meat out of the grill and serve it after cutting it up into pieces. Make sure to serve it hot.

 Also, you can add sauces according to your preference to make them or to enhance the taste of the steak even more.

You can also add other vegetables with it.

2. Brioche Bun Burger:

The burger is one of the most cooked items on the grill pan. It is also such a food items you can prepare with a grill easily and in a very cost efficient manner. 

As it is a very commonly loved food that can be prepared with a grill, I will be showing you the process in a very brief way- 

The steps to make a burger.

  • Prepare Your Ingredients:

You need to get your buns and meat ready for the burger. 

The main part of the burger is the patty. Most of the time, the patty is made from minced beef or chicken. To make the patty, you need to grill it, and to do that, you need to prepare the spices to make the patty. 

You can either buy minced meat from a store or mince the beef or chicken yourself. I would suggest you mince the beef or chicken at your home as it gives off a better and fresher taste.

Brioche buns are available at any local store. It is easier to buy one.

  • Prepare Your Grill:

To prepare the patty and the bun, you need to prepare the grill first.

Preparing the grilling pan is a must for every grilling recipe. You can spray oil or butter the pan so that the patty doesn’t stick to the pan.

  • Cook The Ingredients On Grill:

The minced beef or chicken meat should be cooked properly. If you are making a bacon burger, then the bacon should be cooked on high heat to make it crisp. Then dry off the excess oil using a paper towel before taking it out of the grill.

If you are planning to make a burger with a patty only, then just cook the patty over the grill. Brush some olive oil over the patty to increase the flavor with some salt and pepper on it. 

  • Serve The Burger:

After getting done with making the patty, it’s time to serve the burger.

To serve the burger, you need to prepare the sauces you want to have the burger with. 

You can make your own mayonnaise at home using oil and eggs. You can also make other sauces.

3. BBQ Chicken:

Barbeque chicken is simple to cook and loved by all. It is also cost-friendly as chicken is found almost everywhere near us.

Cooking the chicken in a grilling pan is fun and exciting, and the result is always amazing. The charry flavor that a bbq chicken gives off is the kind of flavor that you crave from almost every kind of food items you can prepare with a grill.

Here I will share a brief recipe for preparing a bbq chicken below-

  • Firstly- you need to prepare the ingredients, such as buying the right chicken or desired chicken pieces and purchasing the spices according to your preference.
  • Secondly you need to marinate the chicken. For that, you will need to mix the spices and sauces with the chicken and keep it for at least one hour.  You may also keep it overnight to get the best result.
  • Thirdly- After that, you need to prepare the grill like it has been instructed in the beefsteak part. 
  • Fourthly– you need to put the marinated and brined chicken onto the grill after preparing the grill.
  • Fifthly- make sure to heat the grill properly. Then put the chicken or chicken pieces evenly according to their size. Change the sides now and then to ensure proper heat distribution. 
  • Sixthly- after cooking the chicken, make sure to check it before serving if it is properly cooked or not. 
  • Seventhly– let the chicken get a bit cool before cutting it into pieces and serving it. 

By following the steps as mentioned above, you can prepare a grilled BBQ chicken.

4. Grilled Vegetables:

Barbecue grilling is not only for meat lovers but also for the vegetarians out there. 

The cooking experts discovered a way of grilling the vegetables not to make the vegetarians deprive of such culinary experience. As a result, they found that it sometimes tastes even better! 

So they concluded that vegetables are also one of the kinds of food items you can prepare with a grill and make the vegetarians experience this fantastic journey of the cuisine road.

To prepare the vegetable grill, you need to follow the steps below-

  • Preparing Your Ingredients: 

The most interesting part of grilling vegetables is that this ingredient can be found easily at home. It is also found at a very cheap rate in the local shops too.

So in order to prepare grilled vegetables, you need to have different types of vegetables of your choice, such as mushrooms, onions, olive oil, ground black pepper, cloves, vinegar, salt, garlic parsley, basil leaf, and rosemary leaf.

  • Preparing The Grills:

To make grilled vegetables, first of all, you have to make sure that you have prepared your grills. In this case, you can follow the same procedure as mentioned before for beef steak or burger. 

Preparing Your Grilled Vegetables:

  1. Brush your vegetables with the necessary amount of olive oil gently, depending on the amount of vegetables you have taken to grill.
  1. Then you need to sprinkle the vegetables with salt and pepper. You can also add some vegetable dressings available in the market.
  1. Grill the vegetables on the prepared grill. Do not overcook the vegetables. Vegetables need the least time to get cooked.
  1. Add some more oil with vinegar, garlic parsley, basil, and rosemary in a small bowl. Blend them all together to make a smooth paste.
  1. Lastly,  add salt and pepper according to your taste and drizzle it over the grilled vegetables, and voila, your grilled vegetables are ready to serve.

This is how you can get your desired grilled veggies!

Final Verdict:

You can make so many more dishes with a grill in many ways. In this article, I tried to focus on the basic ones only for easier comprehension. 

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