What Happens If You Drink Dishwasher Soap?

What Happens If You Drink Dishwasher Soap

We use dishwasher soap because it’s relatively mild than many other washing substances, right? In addition, dishwasher soap is convenient than other washing soap. But what’ll happen if someone drinks dishwasher soap intentionally or accidentally? 

Whether you intentionally or accidentally drink dishwasher soap; nothing will primarily happen. If the amount of dishwasher soap is little, then simply avoid the matter. On the contrary, drinking an excessive amount of dishwasher soap may cause diarrhea and stomach ache for the next few hours.

 In rare cases, drinking an extended amount of dishwasher soap can cause digestive problem in the long run. You can even lose your natural appetite.

In today’s article, I’m now going to let you know each and everything that is related to drinking dishwasher soap. So consider reading this article until you read the bottom line. 

Problems That Can Commonly Occur If Someone Drink Dishwasher Soap:  

A small amount (Such as 1 glass)childrenVomit 
A small amount (Such as 1 glass)AdultNothing
An excessive amount (such as ½ litter or much)childrenVomit repeatedly, get sick, and even more.  
An excessive amount (such as ½ litter or much)AdultDiarrhea, stomach ache for few hours, digestive problem, lack of appetite

Can Drinking Dishwasher Soap Make You Sick?

Different negative impacts can appear based on the age when someone drinks dishwasher soap. While drinking a small amount of dishwasher soap is a silly matter for adults, children may get sick. And drinking an extended amount of dishwasher soap may cause for both children and adults. 

What Will Happen If Children Drink Dishwasher Soap? 

If children somehow drink dishwasher soap, then they may get sick. Their body is not strong enough to counteract an excess amount of dishwasher soap. That’s why they may very likely vomit constantly. 

As a parent, all you need to do is to call the poison control hotline and take steps on how they guide you. 

Will Drinking Excessive Amount Of Dishwasher Soap Cause Any Problem Of Your Health In the long Future? 

I’ve already mentioned previously that drinking an excessive amount of dishwasher soap can cause temporary health disease for both children and adults. For example, diarrhea, stomach ache, get sick and etc. 

Let me tell you that you will get lost your natural appetite and face digestive problems in the long run if you drink an excessive amount of dishwasher soap.  

What Will Happen If You Drink Dishwasher Soap On A Regular Basis? 

In rare cases, some people intentionally drink dishwasher soap on a regular basis. It goes without saying that it’s nothing but a bad habit that should not practice. 

This bad habit will disrupt your normal lifestyle and will cause stomach bacteria. So you’ll need to spend a lot of money on treatment. 

Is Dishwasher Soap Too Much Acidic To Make Any Problem With Your Health? 

Generally speaking, it’ll depend on what is used to make the dishwasher soap. If you drink homemade dishwasher soap, then it’s not very acidic since homemade dishwasher soap is made by washing soda, baking soda, Kosher Salt, lemonade drink, and water. These sorts of substances are not too acidic for you to make any big issue. 

On the other hand, dishwasher soap which is made by any brands can become much acidic compare to homemade ones. They can even cause your skin problem. 

Will You Die If You Drink Dishwasher Soap? 

We use dishwasher soap in order to break down hard food substance that strongly sticks to the dish. To do the job perfectly done, dishwasher soap is made of toxic chemicals that are not suitable for us. 

Whatever it is! 

You’ll not die if you drink dishwasher soap. The way people can typically die on account of drinking dishwasher soap is because of diarrhea. Dishwasher soap causes diarrhea. And if the circle repeats constantly, then it causes high dehydration. 

What Should Someone Do When S/he Accidentally Drinks Dishwasher Soap? 

Now the question is what steps you should immediately take if you drink dishwasher soap. Whether you intentionally or accidentally drink dishwasher soap, you should immediately take these five steps to counteract the approximate issues. 

  1. Wash Your Mouth Out: 

First of all, wash out the whole inside of your mouth. Reason is very simple. Dishwasher soap tastes very bitter that might encourage you to vomit repeatedly. When you wash the whole inside of your mouth out and out, you almost feel normal. 

  1. Drink Some Pure Water Then: 

After washing out your mouth, this is time to drink some pure water. Pure water will help you to clean up your whole inside from the throat to the bottom. And you won’t face any disquiet. 

  1. Drink Some Becan Grease: 

Now drink some becan grease or similar food. Becan grease typically helps this sort of case to counteract the bitter taste and protect you from vomiting repeatedly. 

Anyway, you can drink or eat any other foodstuffs that are suitable for you. 

  1. Call To The Poison Control Hotline: 

After taking the initial treatment, now call the poison control hotline. Inform them about the whole matter and the amount of dishwasher soap you drink. Feel free to let them know more information if they seek you. 

Then, you’ll be advised about what you should do now. 

  1. Meet A Chemicalist or Your Personal Doctor: 

If the poison control helpdesk advises you to meet your personal doctor or you yourself wish to do this, then meet your personal doctor or a chemicalist.  

Are There Any Side Effects To Drinking Dishwasher Soap? 

There’s no monster side effect on drinking dishwasher soap. However, you may face serious irritation of your esophagus. You may even feel serious respiratory issues in the long run.  

Why People Generally Drink Dishwasher Soap? 

Mass people generally drink dishwasher soap to taste different things. It’s nothing but a bad habit. 

Children, on the other hand, generally drink dishwasher soap without any reason. They have the tendency of playing with everything whatever they get around them. They feel like drinking when they get any drinkable things. They also like eating, dancing, and etc without any reason. 


In a nutshell, drinking a small amount of dishwasher soap won’t cause any big issues while an excessive amount of dishwasher soap may cause diarrhea, stomach ache, digestive problem, and etc. If children drink, then they may get sick or vomit repeatedly. 

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