24 Weber Kettle Grill Tips For Beginner [Be A Pro]

weber kettle grill tips

Weber Kettle Grill is a famous grill brand around the world. People buy grills from this brand and start using them. But most of the new users make some mistakes. For these mistakes, sometimes they spoil their recipes, sometimes they damage their grill, and sometimes they face serious accidents. To avoid these unexpected things, the new users should follow some tips. Here I bring some Weber Kettle Grill Tips For Beginners. So let’s start reading and changing Weber Kettle Grill using experience.

Weber Kettle Grill Setup Tips for Beginner:

To make our all tips arranged and easily findable, I make an order of our tips. I divide all our suggestions for you into three parts. First of all, I am going to help you to rethink your setup of Weber Kettle Grill.

1. Place the grill in a safe place:

We make a mistake while we set up our grill before making the grill. Usually, we keep the grill in our kitchen. But I am suggesting you set up your Weber Kettle Grill outside of your house. It will be better if you set it up on your lawn. 

You might be thinking about why setting up a place is important? The answer will be very simple, the outside atmosphere will provide you more safety. And the grill-making process needs some open air, if you place it outside of the room then there will be more airflow than in your kitchen. 

2. Use Coal Chimney:

Another tip for setting up Weber Kettle Grill is using a chimney. You will also be able to complete your recipe without using a chimney but the chimney will ensure your all coals burn properly. 

Without a chimney, you will face some trouble reaching fire to all your coals. You have to use some burner beneath the coal chimney to make an initial fire and after 12 to 15 minutes all your coals will be perfectly burned.

3. Use Some Papers:

Coal is a burning material but it is not a fast burner. If you can create fire in coal then it will burn. But you will not be able to make a fire in it without the help of any fast burner. 

To make our coal burn, we have to create come initial fire in it. To do that we can use newspapers or other coal burners. I will suggest that you use a newspaper. You will easily make a fire in it.

4. Heat Placing:

When we try to cook something, we need different types of heat. Sometimes we need much heat to boil the meat and sometimes we need low heat to make the meat more delicious. But as we have to make a grill using coal, temperature control is hard. 

For this reason, I am going to suggest you follow a suggestion. When you burn the coal, you just have to place them on one side of the deck. The other side should be vain. When you need more heat, you have to put the meat just over the coals. But when you need less temperature, just place it on the vain side.

5. Preheat The Grates:

Another important tip for you in the setting up section is preheating your grates. If you place the meat on the grates when it is at normal temperature, it will take a long time to gradually boil the meat. 

This long boiling process creates smoke inside the grill and creates a bad smell. Another thing that will create problems if you don’t preheat the grates before placing meat on them. And that is it will take a lot of time to wash the grates after cooking. So, preheat the grates for 10 minutes to make a perfect grill.

Weber Kettle Grill Cooking Tips Beginner:

Now the second section of our suggestive article. We now know all the tips to set up our grill before making the process. But now I am going to tell you some tips or tricks that will help you to use Weber Kettle Grill in the time of grill making. These tips will change your grill-making process.  So, let’s start.

6. Clean The Grates:

We already set up our Weber Kettle Grill. Now the time to know how to clean and why it requires cleaning the grill grates. Usually, we grill at home a few days a month. When we use it, it stays clean, but when it is left in the kitchen or garage, it might be dirty. For that reason, we have to clean it before using it.  Grates are the place where we keep and burn the meat. So, this should be cleaner. These have different ways and instruments to clean our grill grates. I will discuss the cleaning tips in the latter part of this article. Stay with us.

7. Oil The Grate:

After cleaning, you have to use some oil on the grates. Oil will help the grates to be nonsticky. These oils will also help us to clean the grates when grill making is finished. When you are using oil, then use a high powerful oil to prevent smoke at the time of grilling the meat. This is thought to be one of the most important parts of cooking. If you miss oiling your grates, you will suffer a lot in the end.

8. Use Proper Coal:

In the grilling process, coal is as important as meat. You will not be able to grill without coal if you are using a charcoal grill. We know there are two types of coals in the market. One is natural wood coal and another is artificial coal. Artificial coal is called briquettes. 

After hearing the coal types, you might be confused about coal choosing. Two types have two different features. Briquettes will give high heat for a long time on the other hand Normal coal will give you a normal temperature for less than briquettes. But normal coal will give you the actual flavor of a grill. For this reason, I am suggesting you use normal coal.

9. Use Oil on Meat:

Though this is a recipe tip, I don’t want to miss advising you on this. I have experience with Grilling for many years. I find that oiled meats are more delicious than normal meats. 

Oiling will help you in many ways. Your meat will not stick with the grates if you use oil on the meat and also on the grates. Oiling the meat will also prevent creating any smoke inside the grill bowls. Olive oil will be best to use on the meat. Olive oil is best for health and also for our grill.

10. Use of Tongs:

This is simply my personal experience. In the grilling process, tongs are important. We have to place the meat on the grates, we have to change the side and finally, we have to take off meat from the grates by using tongs. I have a little suggestion for you in case of the use of tongs. 

Try to use two tongs in the grilling process. One tong for placing the raw meats and another for grilled meats. If you use the same for both tasks then the raw meat smell might attest to the grilled meat. 

11. Size of Tongs:

When you are working with fire and heat, try to stay at a safe distance from the fire. If you stay too close to the fire then it has a chance of happening to any accident. But when we change the side of the meat on the grill, we have to go to the near side of the fire. 

If we want to stay far from the fire then we have to use long-handle tongs to change the side of the meat and also to take off the meat from the grill. This is a very simple but effective tip for you in the grilling time in Weber Kettle Grill.

12. Avoid Over Cooking:

In the first phase of grilling, we need more heat than the later part. For this reason, we have to reduce the temperature of the grill in the later part of the grilling. Weber Kettle Grill has a very good temperature controller. But I will talk about that in the next point. 

But keep in mind how to avoid over-cooking your grill. In the setup section, I told you to place the coal on one side of the deck. In the beginning place the meat over the burning coal but in the latter part, place them over the vain part. This will help you avoid overcooking. 

You can also place temperature-controlling holes just over the meat. This is very effective to make your grill more crispy and properly boiled.

13. Control Temperature:

If you have previous experience of making a grill then you might know that you can control the temperature of your grill. But I am thinking that you ate a beginner at Weber Kettle Grill. 

For this reason, I am going to remember that Weber Kettle Grill provides the service of controlling the inside temperature of their grill. To control the temperature, there are 4 holes on the top bowl of the Weber Kettle Grill. They also have a controller. 

If you want to reduce the inside temperature of your grill then you have to open these holes. But if you want to continue with high temperatures then you have to keep them close. Airflow control is also very important in temperature control.

14. Control Airflow:

At the bottom part of the Weber Kettle Grill, you will find a controller. At first look, you might have thought about that. If you still don’t know what that is then I can help you. 

That is called an airflow controller. Fire needs oxygen to burn. As the grill is closed from all ways, it needs a way to let air in from outside and burn the coal. If you move the controller from one side to another, then three holes will be opened or closed. 

If you need to reduce the temperature then you have to open the airflow holes and also temperature controller holes.

15. Use Meat Thermometer:

Sometimes we don’t understand the level of cooking. For that reason, sometimes our meats are overcooked and sometimes they are less cooked. To avoid this, you can use a meat thermometer. This thermometer will help you to understand the temperature of your meat and the level of cooking.

16. Don’t Open The Whole Bowl Frequently:

Do you know the function of a pressure cooker? If you know that then it will be easy for you to understand why I am preventing you from opening the bowl very frequently. If you do that then it will consistently lose its heat and it will take a lot of time to make the grill. To complete the grill making fast and perfect then don’t open the Weber Kettle Grill bowl very frequently.

Weber Kettle Grill Cleaning Tips Beginner

Cleaning is most important when we are talking about the Weber Kettle Grill tips for beginners. Beginners don’t know how to take care of their new grill. For the cleaning, the Weber Kettle Grill manual is very good but some other special tips that will be more helpful for the new users. From my experience, I am going to help you in cleaning and taking care of Weber Kettle Grill. So, let’s start.

17. Use a Grill Cover:

Normally we use grills twice or thrice a month. The rest of the time stays unused. In the time of rest, the grill might be affected by the water and dust. These will make your grill dirty and finally, it will reach its end very fast. 

To protect from these things you should use a grill cover. Sometimes rats and other insects also make their home inside the grill. These are not expected. These things are enough to make our grill poisonous. To save our grill from these things a cover is a must. 

I will suggest you take a cover with perfect shake and water resistance. 

18. Use Proper Brash: 

We need to clean grill grates regularly. Before and after of every use. You can use brash or any other things to clean these grates. But a brash will be best to do that. Most people use brash to do that because brash can reach every corner of the grates. 

But all brash is not perfect for all types of grates. Weber Kettle Grill uses stainless steel in its grates. For these stainless steel grates, you have to use a normal plastic brash. But if you are using other grills and that has iron grates then you can use gi ware brash.

19. Use Grill Cleaner:

Usually, we clean grills before and after every use. But every 2 months, we need to make deep cleaning of it.  In the time of cleaning some people use detergent and other people use other types of cleaners. But there has a special cleaner for the grill. 

This is a type of spray that will help you to make your grill clean very fast. That spray has no toxic element and any other bad smelling. You can trust that to clean the grill and also keep you healthy.

20. Oil Down Your Grill:

After the deep cleaning of the grill, You need to use oil on the whole grill. You know the benefits of using oil after cleaning. But I want to remember you that again. After using water to clean the grill, some water might be attested to the grill. 

This water will help the rust to damage our grill. And sometimes vapors also may create that problem. To protect your grill from rust, you have to use oil. Use oil on the whole grill.

21. Avoid Sneezing Your Food:

Some of us are so careless that we even don’t try to understand what may create problems to our grill and what may destroy the recipe. I already suggest you use oil on the meat before putting them on the grates. 

This will not create any smoke and will not be stuck with the grates. If you are also careless about your grill and your food then you also can avoid that. If you put watery meat on the grates then it will create a problem in cleaning and also it will damage the recipe. So, I am suggesting avoiding it.

22. Check Inside After Every Use:

Manual inspection is very important for every type of equipment. Though today I am talking about Weber Kettle Grill, still I want to warn you to be more careful if you are using a gas grill. Manually inspect all the safety issues before and after completing your work. 

Weber Kettle Grill also needs an inspection of all issues after using every time. If you have a habit like this then you are staying risk-free for some time. This will also help your grill too to serve you a long time.

23. Make Deep Cleaning Every Three Months:

I already told you about the deep cleaning of your Weber Kettle Grill. Deep cleaning is very important. It will keep the grill healthy and it will also keep our food healthy. You might be thinking about when you should start deep cleaning? The answer is very simple. When you have to start deep cleaning depends on your use. 

If you use it four times a month then you have to do that every three months. But if you use it daily, then you have to clean it every 2 weeks. Though I mention that it needs three months to start deep cleaning. But it depends on your use.

24. Check The Cover Properly:

Now you know the use of grill cover. How a grill cover can save your grill from rust, dust, rats, and other unwanted things. I also mentioned the types of cover you need to use in your grill. But rats are the opponent of every important thing. Sometimes, covers are cut by rates. You should check that manually after a time break. It will not need much time but it will do a great thing for you. Don’t be careless in doing this.

You might complete your grill making by yourself and also by watching some videos on youtube. But some tips and tricks may change your total user experience. I tried to provide these tips for you.

Final Verdict: 

These are all and every tip for you regarding Weber Kettle Grill. I hope you can handle your Weber Kettle Grill very easily now. Some other small but important things can make your grilling process very safe. You can use safety gloves at the time of grilling. 

You can also do other safety things in the time of using Weber Kettle Grill. Weber Kettle Grill tips for beginner has come to an end. Wishing you a happy grilling. Thanks for reading.

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