Can You Make Bread In A Slow Cooker?

When it comes to making bread at home, we feel something special in our mind. We dream the crispy outside, and the fluffy inside. But what about making bread in a slow cooker? Have you ever tried it? 

Can you make bread in a slow cooker? Sure! You can make bread in a slow cooker. Due to the slow cooker, making bread at home has been easier. So you cook and make different sort of bread in your slow cooker.

The Cuisinart PSC-650 Stainless Steel Programmable Slow Cooker, 6-1/2-Quart is one of the perfect slow cookers for making bread nowadays. 

However, there are many more different slow cookers in the market to make bread. Try any of those. And if you already own a slow cooker, then try the recipe with it. Don’t need to buy a brand-new one. 

In this article, I’m now going to let you know all the related matters of the topic. Let’s look at a glance. 

How To Make Bread In A Slow Cooker: 

So you have confirmed that you can make bread in a slow cooker. But you don’t know how to do this! 

Well! Now I’m going to write down how you can make bread yourself at home using your slow cooker. Let’s look at a glance and enjoy! 

  • Preheat Your Slow Cooker: first of all, preheat the slow cooker. In addition, line your slow cooker with parchment paper. Over time, put on the lid. 
  • Mix The Ingredients: After preheating, it’s time to mix all the ingredients. Here, add sugar, yeast, and enough water and then mix them properly. Take your time. You’ll see that the dough rises in your mixing bowl. Now, add salt, flour, and other ingredients you like. 
  • Put A Piece Of Parchment Paper: right now, put a piece of parchment paper and knead the dough on it. Make sure that you have put the dough in proper shape. (It means how you want to look at the bread.) 
  • Start Baking: Once you have done all the previous jobs properly, it’s time to start baking. Now put the lid and plug in the slow cooker. Turn the switch on the high heat. It takes about 2 hours to make the bread. However, your duty is to check the bread from time to time. Plus, when you decide to stop cooking, make sure that the bread is properly cooked. 
  • Brown The Bread: let me tell you that you need to brown the bread in the oven if you want to make it look good. Here, you need to cook the bread for 10 – 15 minutes. 
  • Serve Your Family: Hurrah! You have made bread in your slow cooker. This is the time to serve your family. 

This is how you can make bread in a slow cooker. 

Ingredients You Need To Have To Make Bread In A Slow Cooker: 

When you’re ready to make bread in a slow cooker, make sure that you have collected these ingredients. However, mind it that these ingredients can alter with many other foodstuffs based on your interest and choice. 

  • Flour;
  • Dry yeast; 
  • Sugar;
  • Salt; 
  • Cheese;
  • Water. 

How Long Does It Take To Make Bread In A Slow Cooker? 

It takes about 2-2.5 hours to cook bread in a slow cooker if you use my recommended slow cooker. (Mentioned above) If it’s your first cooking experience, then I highly recommend you to check the bread after every 30 minutes. 

And when your intention is to stop cooking the bread, you should check the inside temperature. It should be between 150-200 degrees. 

Is Homemade Slow Cooker Bread Better Than Store-Bought Bread? 

Let me tell you that homemade slow cooker bread is always better than store-bought bread. Reason is very simple! 

When you make bread yourself for your family, you make the bread by mixing a little amount of love. During cooking, you feel how your spouse will take the taste of the bread. 

Apart from this, your kitchen environment is much more fresh, clean, and dustless compared to a store kitchen. Apart from these, a slow cooker is much more convenient than other stovetops. 

So, homemade slow cooker bread is always better than store-bought bread. 

Should You Practice The Recipe A Few Times Before Final Cooking? 

If you’re someone who is totally new to this recipe, then you should practice it a few times before serving your lovers. Otherwise, you’re probably going to serve an inedible dish to your lovers. 

So mind it! 

What If I Don’t Want To Brown The Bread In The Oven?

Now the question is here! What will happen if you don’t want to brown the bread in the oven?  

Well! Let me tell you if you don’t want to brown the bread in the oven, then it may look uncommon. Nothing more! 

Note: an uncommon bread is not suitable for serving any senior person. If you yourself eat the bread or serve any folk, then it’s quite okay. Otherwise, not.  

Is There And Downside Of Cooking Bread In A Slow Cooker?

The initial high heat of the oven plays a big role to make the bread loaves how you want. On the other hand, the slow cooker is designed for slow cooking. It’s not for the initial high heat. 

So, you may notice a little bit difference in flavor and taste.   

Final Verdict: 

In short, you can make bread in a slow cooker. What you need to do is to collect all the ingredients in order to make the bread properly. And when your other cooking stoves are busy with many different recipes, slow cooker is a great option for you instead. 

However, if you’re still wondering under doubt, then feel free to knock me. I’ll help you ASAP. 

Have a nice day with your family! 

Wilson C. Scully

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