How To Use Bissell Carpet Cleaner Proheat?

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Proheat.

Do your elegant and artistic floor carpets get dirty over time? Or your pet dog or cat pees over it all the time and there are stains everywhere with a bad smell. You have thanksgiving in the coming days or Christmas is on the eve but these floor carpets are pretty untidy. 

Considering buying a carpet cleaner from the market to easily clean the whole house? So you came back home with the top cleaning machine brand of market, Bissell Carpet Cleaner Proheat. But you are a little bit confused about how to start the cleaning process as you haven’t used any carpet cleaner before. 

No worries, The following steps will guide you to clean your home carpets easily with your newly purchased Bissell Carpet Cleaner Proheat.

Equipment You Need To Have To Clean Carpet With Bissell Proheat:

Before you start the cleaning process, you’ll need these components to be assembled with a Bissell Proheat machine. Let’s take a look at the components that come with the machine.

  1. Upper Handle

  2. Lower Handle

  3. Tool Caddy

  4.Tank and Dirtlifter

  5. Stained Brush

  6. Formula

  7. Power Adapter.

  8. Water Pouch Tank

  9. A Screwdriver

The attachment process is very easy and just takes a few minutes to complete. Assemble equipment with the machine, plug the power adapter, fill water and formula tank and start the cleaning process. We’ll have a proper discussion about the setup and cleaning process now.

How To Clean The Carpets With Bissell Proheat In Six Simple Steps:

Well done. Your Bissell Proheat is now ready to rock. Before starting the cleaning take a small preparation. Make your working place spacious by removing all the movable objects from the room such as furniture, shelf lamps, etc. Then use a broom or vacuum to clean the whole room. Now we can start the main work process by following these steps. 

 1. Prepare The Machine:

Take your Bissell Proheat to a flexible place, Attach the power cord with the machine and plug the socket with the electricity source. Make sure you can move the power source anywhere you need to clean with the machine.   

 2. Fill The Water Pouch:

Take the water pouch away from the cleaning machine, rinse it properly. Then fill the pouch with hot water. One interesting thing about the water pouch is that you don’t need to carry two separate water tanks for dirty and clean water.  Bissell comes with a built-in tank system. A tight inner pouch keeps clean and dirty water separate. When water gets dirty, it gets stored in the outer layer of the water tank and eases your problem of carrying multiple buckets.

3. Formula and Water Mixing :

Once you are done with the water filling. Now take the formula and water mixing pouch from the machine. You can use any formula based on your preference. Bissell provides a wide variety of formula solutions based on your needs. Some of them are :

  • Bissell Multi Allergen Formula with Scotchgard Protection
  • Bissell Fiber Cleansing formula
  • Bissell Tough Stain Precleaner
  • Bissell Floor Cleaner

Once you get your desired formula, take the formula tank in your hand. You can see the formula line and water line both are separated. Fill the waterline with water and formula tank with your desired formula. Take it back and place it inside Bissell Proheat.

4. Going Back to The Machine

After all the filling work is done, let’s switch on the important functions. First set the Smartmix dial to high traffic and Ready Tool dial to preheat. Press the trigger button and slowly make strokes over the stained areas. Wait for a while so that the formula and stain mix. Turn the power off.

5. SmartTemp to Wipe Out All Dirt

Now power on the switches again. Wait a little bit so that the heater gets warmed up. Make a small stroke forward and a small stroke backward so that heat can make the carpet dry and the power brush can collect all the diluted stains from the carpet Repeat the process until you see no water to pull up anymore.

6. Carpet Clean and Machine Maintenance

The cleaning is done finally but the wet carpet is still there. Take the carpet to a suitable place to let it dry for a few hours. In the meantime let’s get back to the Bissell Proheat. Follow these important steps to keep the machine away from any kind of damage. 

  1. Turn off the power source and carefully remove all the plugs for safety,
  2. Remove all the tank assembly from the machine, clean them properly and make them dry properly. Then place it back on the machine,
  3. Take out the cleaning brush from the hose by pushing down the button lock, cleaning it, and keeping it in a proper place.

Why No Water Is Coming Out of My Bissell Proheat?

Turn your machine off and take the pump out. Spray the trigger for a few seconds to see its condition. If it’s too old just get a replacement. 

Can I Wash Bare Floors With Bissell Proheat?

Yes. You can use wash bare floors with a bissell proheat once you perfectly know the process. Just move the machine and bare floor tool forward. Press the trigger and finish the cleaning, let the floor dry. 

Why Is Dirtlifter Power Brush Not Turning On?

Remove the brush belt and check whether it is ok or broken. If broken you should get a replacement. 

Cleaner not picking up the solution

If the cleaner does not pick up a solution there are several reasons. The wrong dial position, not installing the tank lid properly, more dirty water on the unattached nozzle. Check properly which is causing the problem

Final Verdict:   

Bissell Proheat is an amazing cleaner that saves your time, energy and is quite affordable in price.  Next time you get the headache of cleaning your dirty carpets and floors just get a Bissell Proheat and take preparation for the upcoming home gathering

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