How To Clean Weber Grill [Learn From A To Z]

how to clean weber kettle grill

Want to clean your Weber kettle grill? If the question to the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. Cleaning a Weber kettle grill is nothing but a piece of cake for those who have cleaning experience at least 100 times before.

But what happens when you’re a brand new one and going to clean your Weber kettle grill for the first time? 

Don’t worry, my buddy! As a professional chef, I’m going to write down all the cleaning processes step by step. Once you follow these steps strictly, your dirty Weber grill will look like a brand new one. Let’s get started! 

5 Easy Steps To Deep Clean Your Weber Grill (The Best Way)

Many people think that it’s not possible to single-handedly deep clean a weber grill. But, I don’t think so. I’ve done this several times without the help of others. This is possible because I have my own cleaning techniques.

In this part of my article, I will share with you 5 easy steps to deep clean your weber grill. By following these 5 easy steps, you will be able to quickly deep clean both the inside and outside parts of your weber kettle grill. 

So, let’s started the practical cleaning process:

1. Start With The Grill Grate:

To clean your dirty Weber kettle grill, the very first thing you should do is to remove all the junk from the grill grate with a wire brush. A wire brush is a handy tool to scrape all the junk off from any grill grate. 

Here, hold the wire brush firmly with your right hand and scrape the grill grate with force. If needed, then hold the grate with your left hand. Make sure that you scrape all the junk properly. After that, remove the grill grate off to the backside.

Mind it, it’s a little bit hard to clean every edge of the grate with ease. But don’t get bothered. Take a little extra time to clean the edges of the grill grate.

2. Clean The Slow ‘N Sear:

You’ll be glad to know that nowadays, most of the weber grills’ slow ‘n sear can be reused unless you don’t burn it all up. But before reusing the slow ‘n sear, you’ve to clean it very well because it contains lots of ash. 

And that can be mixed with that reusable charcoal if you don’t clean the slow ‘n sear properly after the use. Let’s see how to clean the slow ‘n sear:

Take a plastic grill brush and scrape all the ashes off so that you can get it out from your weber grills’ slow ‘n sear. And then fire up your cooker, burn off the remaining ashes with the high heat.

If somehow you find mold growing there, there is nothing to worry about. Just again, fire up the cooker heat and put a full chimney of charcoal in the slow ‘n sear. After that, open the vents all the way and walk away. When you come back, hopefully, there are no molds anymore in the slow ‘n sear. 

3. It’s Time To Clean The Caked On Grease:

When the proper cleaning of slow ‘n sear is done, remove it to the backside and focus on cleaning the caked-on grease. After removing the slow ‘n sear, you may also find a lot of ash sitting in the bottom of your kettle. 

Don’t be displeased by seeing these ashes because your weber kettle grill has an easy cleaning system. Most of them come with a spinning wheel-like object. You just need to rotate the wheel-like object so that it can knock ashes down into the basket. Then remove the basket from your Weber grill. With that, the majority of ash will be out of the grill.

Now, all the caked-on grease which is still crude. From here, our caked-on grease cleaning process started. Though it’s a bit of a laborious task, you can still do it without taking others’ help.

Start the process with the plastic putty knife. Because plastic putty knives are too soft and have not done any damages to your weber grill. Anyway, take the scraper and just weaken, going down the side of the grill. Try to scrape as much as possible to get rid of the majority of junk.

After that, take your 1-inch scraper, just go ahead and deal with all the caked-on grease of your grill. Rub it with little force until the remaining caked-on grease vanishes. Make sure that you scrape out most parts of the bowl and the edges. Then follow the same procedures to remove all caked-on grease from your lid.

4. Use Your Degreaser Twice:

In the previous step, we complete all the basic tasks to clean our weber grill. In this step, we’re going to apply a degreaser to several parts of the weber grill. Spend a few more dollars on purchasing a quality degreaser.

Remember that quality degreasers are more effective in the deep cleaning of your weber grill than a cheap degreaser. Some people use oven cleaner, but I don’t think that is too good for cleaning the weber grill. 

However, spray your degreaser at the entire surface of the bowl. Then with the steel wool, gently rubbing the solution all around. Don’t worry, steel wool is superfine. That’s why it does not hurt the porcelain. In fact, it’ll help to get off all the remaining bits of crud that build up on your weber grill bowl.

When you finished then remove the bowl from the grill. In the same way, you’ve to also apply the degreaser to both the inside and outside part of your lid and grill grate. And take the steel wool to spread the solution into the nook and crannies. Anyway, when you’re done, then let all these parts keep soaking in that degreaser for a while.

After some time, we are going to spray the degreaser for the last time so that we can scrub it better. However, take your scrubbing pads and do all of the edges, including the lip, because this is an important section of your weber grill. To get an excellent seal, you’ve to clean this part very well.

Because grill’ lip will help you to control the temperature a little bit better. Follow the same technique to clean both inside and outside the other parts of your weber grill.  

5. Properly Rinse All The Parts Of Your Weber Grill:  

Now, everything is scrubbed and degreased. You just need to rinse the whole parts of your weber grill. To make it really clean and good, you require a sponge and some dish detergent.

Then with the sponge, gently scrub the dish detergent to the entire surface. Dish detergent gives your grill a nice generous coating. Use a hose nozzle to sprinkle the clean water into several parts of the weber grill.

With the water, rinse the whole area thoroughly. And with that, you’ve done an overall deep cleaning of your weber grill. After finishing the deep cleaning of your Weber kettle grill, it’ll look completely different, like a new one.

However, place the grill under the sun to let it dry. Then assemble all the parts, now it is ready for use again.

Anyway, before deep cleaning, make sure all the necessary tools are available to you. The next subhead will inform you in detail about the tools that you need to clean a weber grill.

Related Questions:

What Are The Common Tools You Need To Clean A Weber Grill? 

To give your weber kettle grill a real deep clean, you need a few tools to do it. Here I’ve listed some common tools that you required: 

  • A 1  inch Putty Knife,
  • A 1 and ½ Inch Moon Knife, 
  • A Metal Putty Knife,
  • A Wire Brush,
  • A 1 Inch Razor Scraper (If it gets really bad),
  • A Sponge Spray Nozzle, 
  • A Hose,
  • Steel Wool,
  • Degreaser (To really help with the breakdown of the grease that’s on the inside of the grill),
  • Dish Detergent, 
  • A Piece of Microfiber Cloth,
  • Leather Grilling  Gloves.

You can easily purchase these necessary tools by visiting your nearer store. Before starting the deep cleaning of your Weber grill, make sure that you’ve all the necessary tools. 

How Much Does It Cost To Deep Clean A Weber Grill? (With Pricing List)

You can clean your weber grill from a cleaning service or by yourself, and the cost varies. Generally, cleaning services charged around $200 to deep clean a weber grill.

On the other hand, if you clean the Weber grill by yourself, you don’t need to spend any money on cleaning. By following my guidelines and steps, you can easily do the job. But for cleaning the Weber grill in the home, you must first invest money in the required tools. 

That’s why below I make a table that will help you to know the approximate price of every tool that you require to clean a weber grill: 

Weber Grill Cleaning ToolsApproximate Price
A 1 Inch Putty Knife$05
A 1 and ½ Inch Moon Knife$30
A Metal Putty Knife$10
A Wire Brush$06
A 1 Inch Razor Scraper$07
A Sponge Spray Nozzle$10
A Hose$20
Steel Wool$09
Dish Detergent$10
A Piece of Microfiber Cloth$05
Leather Grilling  Gloves$15
Total Investment:$142

By the way, in my opinion, it is wise to deep clean the weber grill by yourself because it doesn’t cost you any money. Buy all the necessary equipment just once for under $150, and do your weber grill cleaning without depending on others. 

However, If you don’t have much time then cleaning services can be a good option for you. Though it’ll cost you a considerable amount of money every time weber grill cleaning, yet you have to do it as part of your regular maintenance.

How Do You Clean A Weber Grill After Every Use?

If you don’t have sufficient time to deep clean your Weber grill, you can simply wash it with the water after every use. For doing that, just preheat your grill on high for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Make sure that the lid is closed, and then use a stainless brush to clean the grates. And after that, spray the water to rinse out all the dust and junk. But deep cleaning is highly recommended after every use of the Weber grill.

How Long Do You Need To Dry A Weber Grill?

After the cleaning of your weber grill, proper drying is really a big challenge. First, you need an open space where you can place it for drying comfortably. Generally, the drying periods depend on the sun’s condition.

If it’s a sunny day and the airflow is alright, then 20-25 minutes are enough to dry your weber grill completely. But in the opposite weather, the Weber grill takes much longer to dry. Don’t use or assemble parts of your weber grill until they have dried properly.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Weber Kettle Grill?

Well, there is no compromise with the health and food value. So, in my opinion, you should clean your Weber kettle grill in the right way after every use. However, in the end, it’ll totally depend upon you. But don’t use your Weber grill too long without the cleaning.

If you find the cleaning process difficult, follow my 5 easy steps to deep clean your weber grill at ease.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Weber Grill? (4 Reasons)

There are a few reasons to clean your weber grill. Such as:

  1. To keep the food taste alright by preventing the over-grilled.
  2. Stop the too much dust or smoke.
  3. Keep the food value and look up to the mark.
  4. For showing the inside and outside parts of Weber kettle grill shinny.

These 4 are the main reasons behind the cleaning of the weber grill. For all these reasons, you should try to clean it after every use.

Final Verdict: 

I hope now you’ll be able to easily clean your Weber kettle grill yourself with ease. If you would like to read more about BBQ grill, go through many other articles on this blog. I also cover barbecue recipes, tutorials, and etc. And don’t forget to share my writing with your friends and those who badly needed this information.

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