How to Clean Floor Tiles?[5 Ways to Wash Tiles Like A Pro]

How to Clean Floor Tiles

Cleaning different tile floors is difficult, right? Well, it is actually. Tiles are unique and so is their cleaning process. you have a tile floor or are planning to set one. So questions can arise in your mind about how to clean floor tiles every time. Do you want to know the solutions? Here you go.

I have been setting tiles for a long time. So I will share with you some effective ideas about tile floor cleanings from my experience. Following are 10 useful tips that will help you to clean all major tile floorings.

The tile floor can be cleaned with home ingredients and tools. Such as mop, detergents, bleach, vinegar, baking soda. Ingredients are first mixed with water to form a cleaning solution.  Then the floor is wiped with a mop. Each floor tile needs specific cleaners as their materials are different.

5 Effective Steps to Clean Different Tile Floor

Let’s talk about different floor tiles before you go through the cleaning process steps. Tiles used in flooring are glass, ceramic, marble, stone, porcelain, mosaic, limestone.  These tiles have different mineral structures and properties. So they have different cleaning processes too. Now we go back to the cleaning process of each tiles group :

1. Use Vinegar And Baking Soda to Clean Ceramic Tiles :

Ceramic tiles are a popular flooring material because of their strength, longevity, and style. But grouts between ceramic tiles get dirty over time, so is the main sheet. To clean ceramic tiles, a homemade solution of vinegar – water is very useful. You can use baking soda and water mixture too. Let’s follow these steps to clean your ceramic tiles :

  • Take a dust brush or vacuum to clean all the dust out of the ceramic first, otherwise, your floor will become muddy.
  • First, make a primary solution to clean ceramic. Use good quality white vinegar and clean water to make it. If you have a 10L bucket,  fill it with 5L of hot water and  5L of white vinegar.
  • Take a mop and plunge it inside the solution. Twist mop fabrics to curb wetness, and start cleaning over tiles. Once you finish cleaning in a particular direction, wash the mop in the second bucket of water. Then continue the washing process from another direction.
  • If the grout line has stains, pour baking soda, vinegar, and water in a sprayer and spray over the dirty stains. Remove the stains by rubbing a small brush over them. Then clean the whole tiles with a damp mop.

2. Clean Marble Tiles Floor With Soaps And Peroxide :

Marble is a  very popular stone type used in flooring, walling for its aesthetic look. Because it has natural minerals, using acidic components as a cleaner can damage it. So you can use products such as dish soap, liquid soap, and cleaning agents such as Hydrogen Peroxide. Follow these steps to clean your marble tiles :

  • If the stains over marble are greasy and oily, a soap solution would be perfect to clean it. Mix Liquid soaps or detergent in water and then use the solution to mop the marble floor. The soap will cut down oily stains. Wipe the floor with dry clothes later.
  • If the stains are from food particles a solution of water and bleaching agent such as peroxide is useful. dilute hydrogen peroxide in water to cut its strength and mop the floor with the solution.

3. Wash Glass Tile Floors With Vinegar And  Cleaner :

Glass tiles get dirty because of moisture, dirt, weather conditions, and sweats of feet. To clean tiles of glass, you can use typical glass cleaners or white vinegar. Here is how you clean glass floor tiles:

  • Make a solution of vinegar and water. Use an equal proportion of them to make it. Keep in mind glasses are prone to scratches, so bring a mop of sponge or microfiber. Then clean the floor with mop and vinegar-water solution.
  • Another quick solution would be spraying the vinegar and water solution over stains. You won’t have to clean the entire floor. wipe the solution with a dry cloth after cleaning. You can use a  glass cleaner instead of vinegar too.

4. Sweep Porcelain Tiles With Hot Water And Dishwasher:

Porcelain tiles are a piece of beauty because of the glazing property. This comes from the core material china clay. Also, it is durable for long use. Cleaning porcelain is easy with only hot water and liquid/dishwasher soaps. Acidic products such as vinegar damages the glaze of the floor. Let’s follow these steps to clean porcelain tiles :

  • Make a diluted solution of hot water and dish soap. Then take a mop to wipe the entire floor. Or if you have stains in a particular area use a sprayer to spray solution over the stains.
  • If grouts have tough dirt, first spray the soap-water solution and take a toothbrush to rub out the dirt. clean the entire grout with a dry towel.

5. Limestone Tiles Cleaning With Soap And Water :

Like marble or stone flooring, acidic components are not recommended to clean limestone. All you need is a pH-neutral cleaning agent such as dish soaps. Here is how you clean limestone tiles with dish soap and water :

  • First, vacuum the whole floor so that no dust remains on the floor.
  • If you need to clean the whole floor, pour dish soap in a bucket of water. Stir to dilute dish soap. You can use a sponge mop for cleaning it will give a better result.
  • If a particular area of the floor is dirty, pour the dish soap-water formula in a bottle and spray over rust. Once the rust is loose, rub it with a toothbrush. You can also rub the dirt off tiles grout with a small brush. Clean the surface with a dry towel.

Related Questions :

Is Vinegar Good For Cleaning Tile Floors?

The acidity of vinegar cleans all kinds of grimes, stains, rusts from tiles. But tiles such as marble, limestones are not suitable to clean with vinegar. Acid does damage the grouts and upper layer of these tiles.

How Do I Get Stains Off My Tile Floor?

If your stains are sort of greasy and oily, using any kind of soap or dishwashing can give a better result. If the stains are from paints, foods, etc use acidic ingredients such as vinegar. But be careful about using vinegar in stone tiles.

Can I Use  Bleach to Clean Tile Floors?

Bleach is a good option to clean tiles that are not washed for a long time or have very hard stains. First, wash the whole floor with water and a professional tile cleaner. In the second phase, apply diluted bleach and mop the floor till it’s cleaned.

What Is The Easiest Way to Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles?

You can clean bathroom tiles with home ingredients. Like soda, lime juice, vinegar, etc. Use any of these ingredients according to your floor tiles type and use a mop.

Final Words :

Floor tiles enhance the aesthetic and add a new dimension to the beauty of your place. But with time, tiles get dirty.   Some of the ingredients available near your hand can solve this problem. So use them to remove stains from tiles to give it a new look like before.

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