Can You Cook A Leg Of Lamb In A Slow Cooker?

Can You Cook A Leg Of Lamb In A Slow Cooker

With a modern slow cooker, you can make tons of recipes. You can cook raw meat, meatballs, fully ground meat, and etc. But what about cooking a leg of lamb in a slow cooker? 

Can you cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker? Sure! You can cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker. It takes between 4 to 6 hours to perfectly cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker on high heat. 

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In this article, I’m now going to let you know each and everything about cooking a leg of lamb in a slow cooker. So consider reading this article until you reach the bottom line. 

How To Cook A Leg Of Lamb In A Slow Cooker (10 Simple Steps): 

Here’s how to cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker. Go through the steps and make delicious recipes for your family. 

  • Wash The Leg: First of all, wash the lag of lamb with running water. Make sure that there is no mess on the meat. 
  • Make Some Incisions: Now make some incisions in different parts of the meat. 
  • Put Garlic On Each Cut: Now put garlic on each cut. If you want, you can make rosemerry into the cuts. 
  • Season The Meat: once you have done the previos job, now add some seasoning. Also, add some olive oil to make the lamb meat delicious. Add some salt. 
  • Add Some Spicy And Herb Items: now add some spicy and herbs items on the meat. Ground spicy items will help you make the lamb brown. 
  • Pour Some Butter: add some butter in the slow cooker so that the surface of the slow cooker gets ready for cooking.  
  • Put The Leg Lamb: This is time to start cooking. Put the leg of lamb in the slow cooker and cook it between 4 to 6 hours on high heat. If you want to cook on low heat, then cook the leg of lamb between 8 to 12 hours. 
  • Test With Thermometer: After cooking enough time, test the inside temperature of the meat if it’s 165 degree or up. 
  • Take Off The Meat: once the leg of lamb is ready to eat, take off from the slow cooker.
  • Add Some Salad Or Same Foodstuffs: now add some salad or same food ingredients to the serving dish so that it can look sound.  
  • Serve Your Family: Hurry! Your recipe is ready to eat. Now serve your family members with a dish. 

This is how you can cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker. Anyway, mind it that you can change the process I’ve written down if you make any different plan. Also, you can add more spicy items and simply avoid the spicy I have mentioned. 

Can You Put Raw Lamb In A Slow Cooker?

Of course! 

You can put raw lamb in your slow cooker. It mainly depends on the recipe you’re going to make. If your intention is to make such a recipe that requires raw meat, whether it’s lamb or any other else, then you can put ram meat in your slow cooker. 

Many of us want to thaw lamb meat after taking the chank off from the freeze. It’s really a great idea. 

When you put frozen lamb meat in a slow cooker to cook, it takes a little bit longer to cook. And in this situation, you may be thinking that the meat is cooked to look at the inside of the meat. But the outside is not cooked perfectly. 

Disclaimer: Never put raw lamb in your slow cooker without finalizing the recipe you want to make. Otherwise, it’ll be nothing but wasting the meat and your time. 

Do You Have To Brown Lamb Before Slow Cooking?

Confidently speaking, you don’t have to brown lamb before slow cooking. Reason is very simple. When you cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker, it itself makes a beautiful color. 

In my personal experience, a cooked leg of lamb turns to brown or similar to brown. For this reason, you should not brown lamb before slow cooking. 

However, what you can do is to massage the meat with some spice and herb items. This simple rule of thumb will help you make the lamb meat brown. 

Another simple trick you can apply if you want. After cooking the leg of lamb, you can wrap the meat with aluminum foil and then cook the meat in your microwave for a few minutes. This simple trick is very useful. Anyway, this is not mandatory. 

Can You Overcook Lamb In A Slow Cooker?

Let me tell you that a slow cooker is designed to cook for an extended period of time. But it is still possible to overcook lamb or any other meat in a slow cooker. So be more careful of cooking time. 

Note: Almost all the modern slow cookers of the current market come with a timer. So you should use a timer in order to avoid overcooking. 

How Long Can You Leave A Leg Of Lamb In A Slow Cooker?

A leg of lamb takes between 4 to 6 hours to cook on high heat. On the contrary, it may take between 8 to 12 hours to cook on low heat. 

Apart from this, the overall cooking time may be a little be long or less depending on the design of your slow cooker. 

Can You Cook Other Parts Of A Lamb In A Slow Cooker? 

Yes. You can cook other parts of a lamb in a slow cooker. The shanks, shoulder, neck, belly, diced leg can also be cooked in a slow cooker. Here, depending on the recipes, the cooking time can be varied. 

What Joint Of Lamb Is Best For Slow Cooking?

In a lamb, there are many parts to cut off. Among the parts, lamb’s shoulder is the best part for slow cooking beside the legs. When lamb walks and runs, the shoulder’s joint plays a big role in getting the job done. 

And only for this reason, lamb’s shoulder is flavor and delicious. 

Final Verdict: 

In brief, you can not only cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker but also cook other parts of a lamb. Lamb meat is delicious and easy to cook in a slow cooker. What you need to do is to practice the whole process a few times. 

This simple rule of thumb will help you cook the recipe with ease. 

However, if you’re still with any questions that are related to this article topic, feel free to knock me. I’ll reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

Have a nice day with your family members! 

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