20 BBQ Tips And Tricks: Boost Up Your BBQ Ride With Expert Advice

20 BBQ Tips And Tricks: Boost Up Your BBQ Ride With Expert Advice

Barbecue is one of the finest cuisines of all time. Barbecue can be made in many different styles, and taste can also be tampered with in many different ways. A few BBQ tips and tricks can help someone get their desired taste in BBQ.

Being a cooking expert, I now want to share some tips and tricks with you all to help you enrich your knowledge about BBQ. So, if you want to boost up your BBQ ride with the expert By following my BBQ tips and tricks 

20 BBQ Tips And Tricks You Should Follow To Become A Pro:

BBQ tips and tricks are essential to get that perfect BBQ easily at home. Here are such 20 BBQ tips and tricks that you should follow to become a pro:

1. Choose The Perfect Ingredient For Your BBQ:

The first of the many BBQ tips and tricks is to choose the ingredient you want to make the BBQ with. The ingredient is the key component to the dish. You may choose any vegetables of your liking, chicken, beef, lamb, duck or anything you want.

But choosing the perfect piece for bbq is a great way to kick start your way to the bbq process. Different pieces need different temperature settings, different times to cook. That is why it is necessary to choose and determine the ingredient first.

2. Choose Your BBQ Grill:

Another important and crucial step is to choose the grill you are going to do the BBQ on. It is one of the ignored BBQ tips and tricks. Many people tend to forget this part, or they don’t pay much attention to this part.

But, it is very important that you choose the right grill for your BBQ that serves all the desired purposes. Just like you need to know how a drill machine works before drilling, you should also know about how a grill works. After all, it is kind of a machine too. 

3. Prepare Your Grill:

Before you start your shopping for utensils, charcoal, etc., I would like to give you a tip to prepare your grill. It is also an important part of the BBQ tips and tricks. The pre-stage of buying charcoal or essentials for barbecuing is preparing your grill. If it’s a grill that you just purchased and never used before, then you can certainly skip this part.

But if you used this grill before, it is needed to be cleaned. You have to get rid of the grim and make it squeaky before cooking again in this BBQ grill.

4. Get Your Utensils Accurately:

Utensils are an inseparable part of your cooking. You cannot imagine to create any dish without the help of utensils. Utensils can be of various types. During a BBQ, you should always consider using steel utensils instead of plastic.

BBQ causes a lot of heat. Due to this overheat, the plastics tend to melt. They can cause severe accidents too. That is why being an expert, I would suggest that  you all should use all metal utensils during BBQ. While cooking with metal utensils, you can use spoons and skewers made of wood or bamboo.

5. Keep Everything At Your Arm’s Length:

Keep in mind that, an organized cooking space is key to a successful dish. Scattered items can be a real mess.  It is one of the essential BBQ tips and tricks.

Are you someone who leaves their dish unattended while cooking to fetch any spice or any utensils every now and then? Then let me tell you, you are doing it wrong and in a very disorderly manner.

To become a pro at bbq, you must need to be organized. To avoid going here and there looking for the required items, you need to ensure everything is within your reach.  This is one of the BBQ tips and tricks which is crucial for cooking any dish and becoming a pro in cooking.

6. Collecting The Charcoal:

Charcoal is a core ingredient for BBQ. Choosing the quintessential charcoal is among the excellent BBQ tips and tricks. Charcoal can be of many types. Choosing the right type can be critical if you are a beginner and new to this.

The known charcoal types available are briquettes, hardwood, lump charcoal, or flavored briquettes. Fruity-flavored charcoal is pretty unique. They add an exquisite flavor to the BBQ. You can use any other charcoal that you prefer that is available near you.

7. Firing Up The Grill:

After collecting the charcoal, you might need to know how do you light them up.

The answer to your query can be given in different ways:

  • You can use a liquid fluid to start a fire. It is the easiest way. But some people don’t like the smell that spreads afterward. It also creates a weird smell.
  • Start the fire using chimney starters. Place the starters under the chimney and start the fire. 
  • You can also start the fire using an electric starter. All you need to do is take an electric lighter and keep it on the chimney till it sparks. The sparks will eventually turn into fire.  

8. Arranging The Coal:

This part of BBQ tips and tricks deals with the pre-stage of starting up the fire.

Always bear in mind that you can’t just put a pile of charcoal in your bbq grill and expect it do to do some miracle, even though that could have made the job considerably simpler. For achieving the most satisfactory effects, you’ll need to organize your charcoal particles. 

Remember, this may vary based on your preferred choice of the chimney or any other fire starter. When you’re using a chimney, you might want to arrange things in a different way than if you’re using lighter fluid.

9. Oiling The Grill:

You must be wondering why we need to oil the grills like the pans at your house. Well, let me tell you, grills are just like the pans at our home to some extent. You need to oil them up to ensure foods don’t get stuck on them.

Greasing is a salient feature of barbecuing. It helps to prevent the food from sticking to the grilling pan. Before you turn the grill on:

  • Take a paper towel,
  • Damp it with oil,
  • Rub the grates with the same damp towel.

If your grill is already turned on, you can take a tong to rub the grates.

10. Wait For The Grill To Heat Up:

You need to wait for the grill to heat up before you start to put the ingredients in it. One of the rarely practiced BBQ tips and tricks is that you need to wait for a few minutes before you put anything on the grill to cook. The waiting period can be from 5 minutes to 10 minutes long. 

If it’s a charcoal grill that you are using, then you might need to wait longer than others. The more you wait the better  it helps to get rid of the lighter fluid flavor from the charcoal. It helps to prevent the lighter liquid taste from getting into your food.  

11. Separate The Raw Foods From The Cooked Ones:

Keeping your raw food separate from the cooked ones is a very basic thing to do as a cook. There are some manners and etiquette needed to be followed if you are trying to do work or something. Cooking is no different. Keeping the raw food separate is a basic hygiene protocol.

Raw food may contain many germs and bacteria, which is harmful to the human body and its overall health. It may cause salmonella and might even result in death.

12. Never Use Water To Reduce Heat:

Oxygen helps the fire to spread. It is widely known that there is oxygen in the water, which allows the fire to spread even more. The oxygen in the air is also responsible for increasing the flame.

That is why if you feel the flame has increased too much and the heat might burn your food; just cover the grill with the lid provided with your grill or whatever is available near you. This will cut off the oxygen supply.

So, in short, it can be said that to stop the heat from increasing, covering up the grill is the only solution. 

13. Create Heat Zones:

You should put the charcoal in a manner that will create different heat zones, such as high heat and low heat. It is also known as direct heat and indirect heat.

There are types of food that need direct heat, and some need indirect heat. Some foods need direct and indirect heat combined.  

To ensure this proper heat distribution, you should put and lit the charcoal in such a manner that it heats up in the middle and the sides are low heated. 

14. Use Butter Instead Of Oil:

The secret of a good and tasty BBQ is using butter instead of oil. This is one of the BBQ tips and tricks that helps the BBQ to taste delicious.  This is a secret that many people know but keep it up to their sleeve. 

I am sharing this alongside all the BBQ tips and tricks in my article to help you achieve that heavenly great cuisine taste. Butter has a delicate taste that oil does not have. Butter gives off a creamy texture to the BBQ that helps to make the BBQ taste super smooth and tasty.  

15. Marinate Your Meat:

Marination is a pre-cooking step and one of the best BBQ tips and tricks that anyone can ever give you. Marinating your meat before cooking is an essential step:

  • It helps the meat to infuse flavors and spices more into it.
  •  Marination helps the spices and sauces penetrate into the meat.
  • It helps in making the meat more juicy and tender.
  • Marination enhances the overall cooking and eating experience.

That is why, to enhance the flavor, it is necessary to marinate the meat.

16. Selecting The Perfect Wood: 

Another essential BBQ tip and trick is that you must use wood from fruit trees.

It adds extra flavor to your BBQ. Adding fruit woods with your charcoal enhances the taste of your BBQ. Wood from fruit trees is usually high in sap, and it is mild compared to other tree’s woods.

It is also proved that fruit woods contain fewer impurities. You can choose any fruit tree of your preference or is available near you. Cherry is my favorite.

So if you are looking for BBQ tips and tricks, then you must try out this trick for getting that perfect flavored BBQ.

17. Forget The Idea Of Using Gas Grill:

While a gas grill can be very important at the time of cooking something essential, it’s not entirely helpful in the case of a BBQ.  You might be curious already to know why it is so? Here comes the smart BBQ tips and tricks to your rescue for cooking the perfect BBQ. 

Being an expert, I advise that one must avoid cooking BBQ on a gas grill. It’s because a gas grill doesn’t produce the smoke that is needed for a charry flavor. A gas grill will surely give you the heat, but it won’t make the smoke, which is necessary to add an extra subtle flavor to your BBQ. That’s why I will suggest to you that a gas grill should not be used to cook BBQ.

18. Use Low Heat If You Are Planning To Cook Chicken:

If you plan to use chicken and wonder about heat management, then this part of BBQ tips and tricks is for you. Chicken tends to get cooked very fast. If you use high heat, it will burn on the outside and will remain uncooked on the inside.

If anyone is cooking chicken on BBQ, they need to remember that the secret to mouth-watering BBQ chicken is low and slow cooking. 

Low heat also aids in distributing heat evenly and cooking the chicken inside out. After that, you can transfer it into high heat to make the outside crusty and charry. 

19. Brine Your Chicken Breast Piece:

Are you someone who suffers from dry and rubbery breast pieces after barbecuing it? Then the tips that I am going to share are just for you. 

Breast pieces tend to get dry after BBQ. To avoid such a thing from happening; you need to brine the pieces before you marinate and start cooking them on the BBQ grill. Brining means to soak the chicken breast parts in the salt and water mixture for at least an hour. Do not get worried about the chicken getting too salty.

20. Let The Meat Rest:

Are you suffering from dry meat even after following every BBQ tip and trick religiously? Then the following tip is just for you. After you are done cooking, take out the meat from the grates and let it rest for about 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

This lets the meat regain all the juices and makes it tender and smooth. If you cut it immediately after taking out the grill, it releases and loses all the juice inside and leaves the meat dry and rubbery.


These are some basic and fundamental tips that can kick start your BBQ journey. Don’t forget to share my 20 BBQ tips and tricks with others. And follow my website for more insights about BBQ.

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